Wedding Video Tips

Wedding Video Tips

Here are Weddit’s expert hints on cameras, kit and shooting techniques – to ensure your own wedding videos really stand out from the crowd! Just keep on reading to check out our blog post on wedding video tips... We’re sure as photographers/ videographers, you will appreciate our advice to newcomers on wedding photography, that’s precisely why we’ve put together a list of wedding video tips. We’d like to share them with you as well as some insight into the job of being a videographer. Oh, and before you begin by thinking that photographers/ videographers carry a van load of equipment to every wedding, you’d be mistaken. In actual fact, a small bag, like a rucksack is carried along with a monopod and tiny travel tripods, that’s often all photographers really need on the job. Right, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Adopt Your 0wn Approach - There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to film a wedding. However, we’ve carefully analysed everything about the day – the structure, the people and the details – and all this affects the way a photographer/ videographer would shoot the wedding. Our approach is based on four key concepts:

1. Simplicity: Keep everything as simple as possible. The method of: processing, communicating, filming and editing are your ports of call.

2. Discretion: Ideally, we believe that no-one should really know that you’re shooting a video. This is best for creating genuine B-Roll and capturing real life emotion on screen.

3. Speed: You need the ability to move around freely and capture footage creatively.

4. Fearlessness: Last but not least, you will need the confidence to work on your own terms. All of your videos should contain your own creative stamp!

Wedding Video VS. Movie - Real movies are all about control. Characters and locations are chosen, scripts are written and everything’s carefully rehearsed. If something doesn’t work out the first time, then it’s filmed again. But as a wedding photographer/ videographer you have almost no control over these key aspects: characters, locations and lighting. These are all chosen for you. In fact, this can actually be used to your advantage. Treat it as if you’re making a documentary rather than a blockbuster movie and remember that it’s someone’s special day, not a film set when shooting footage. Our wedding video tips are pretty broad, but all of the points throughout this post are important to bear in mind!

Strip Back The Footage - A minimalist approach lets the photographer/ videographer move freely whenever they need to. You’ll have a lot more time to compose shots. And best of all you won’t draw attention to yourself. Just blend in, relax and capture those moments that really matter!

Familiarity Is Key - You sometimes see videographers turn up at a wedding with six or more lenses, including huge zooms in tow. But all you really need are a couple of lenses (85mm for 95% of the day, plus a 24mm wide angle), and that’s that! By using just one focal length for pretty much the entire day, you will instinctively know what your image will be like before you’ve even lined up the camera to the shot. Master just a few lenses and your work will improve! Trust us, you’ll speed things up, and find yourself forced to make more interesting com-positional choices. How’s that for a day’s work?

Lose The Gear, Lose The Stigma - The general public can’t seem to shake the clichéd idea from the 1990s of somebody with the huge video camera at weddings. There’s some fantastic technology around, from drones to Steadicams: but stop and think for a minute. Don’t be that guy getting in the way, doing circles around the dance floor… or the girl with the annoying buzzing helicopter, or the massive fluffy microphone that’s obviously recording everything the guests are saying. Try stripping it back to just your camera. Master how to use it properly: it could be the best decision you ever made!

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