Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips

Are you a photographer who wants to make a go of working professionally by shooting wedding events? Well there’s a lot that you need to know in order to capture wedding photos like a professional. In this guide here at Weddit, we’ll be sharing 5 wedding tips that every photographer should know before going to shoot a wedding ceremony, so stick around and read the full post!

#1: Learn Their Names - As the photographer of a very important day in your clients’ lives, you should make an effort to memorize their names. If you forget their names, it makes you look unprofessional and disorganized. Learning the names of important guests and wedding party members such as siblings, parents and close family will also make a great impression on your clients. Of course, you won't be expected to learn the names of every single guest attending the wedding, but you should try to learn the names of the Bride & Groom's immediate family as well as theirs. It will make you seem professional as a wedding photographer that cares deeply about their clients, so follow these wedding tips carefully!  

#2: Ask About Their Dress Code Requirements - All too often, wedding photographers don’t consider the dress code as important as it should be. Wearing casual clothes will give a bad impression to your clients, so be sure to ask about any specific requirements that the Bride & Groom may have for their wedding day. You are there as a photographer, but you should also blend in with the guests and dress as the happy couple have asked their guests to.

#3: Always Have a Backup Plan - You should always carry a backup camera, lenses, memory cards, flash and any other necessary gadgets that you may need on your gig. If you can’t spend money on getting a backup for everything, you could consider renting equipment until you can purchase backups yourself. It will pay off in case of an emergency and it's a little risky to turn up without spares. Another option to raise funds is to rent out your own photography gear. This will also connect you with other wedding photographers in town, and you may get more work on combined projects. It's a win, win situation! How are these for wedding tips?!

#4: Use Natural Lighting - For the most professional looking results, it’s important to know how to shoot a wedding without flash. You can read up on our blog post 'flash photography' for loads of useful information in that specific area, but it is essential for us to mention it within this blog post, as photography lighting is very important at weddings. You should practice shooting the wedding with the natural lights. It will help to understand shadow details and camera settings for low light.

#5: Stay Alert & Act Quickly - Wedding photographers need to pay attention and be quick to capture those precious moments which will make the couple very happy when they see their wedding album later. Usually, you'll only get one chance to capture those moments on camera, so make sure that you stay focused and keep an eye out for any picturesque opportunities that would look great on screen. We recommend that you use a longer/ larger lens to shoot the details of the wedding from a distance and that's one of the best wedding tips that we can give you!

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