Wedding Ring Photography Part 2

Wedding Ring Photography Part 2

In our previous article here at Weddit, we talked about wedding ring photography in some detail. Many photographers forget that they can use the techniques which they learn elsewhere. You can apply them to something as simple as wedding ring photography. This enhances the skill (of course) which goes into the quality of your images, which in turn will make the photographs that you produce as a whole look better. So, if you want to catch up and read Wedding Ring Photography Part 1, you can do so here.

We began by talking about what makes wedding ring photography so important and we shared the first five of our BEST TOP TIPS! So, be sure to go back and check that out before carrying on with this article... Anyhow, on with the post!

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Wedding Ring Photography TIP #6: Interesting Lighting - Often at times, you can find interesting lighting by piggybacking off of the lighting setup at a reception hall and utilising the lights placed against the wall or surrounding the tables/ trees (if you’re outside). That isn’t all that bad, but just make sure that whatever you, do, DO NOT use direct flash photography when photographing wedding rings. Why? Because the flash will just bounce right off, also causing a flash to remain on the rings within the photograph.

Also, the detail of the photograph will deteriorate, just because a flash has been used so, try to remember this top tip. Harsh lighting will not do you any grand favours, especially when it comes to the backdrop of the image. This leads us on very nicely to the background of the images...

Wedding Ring Photography TIP #7: Balanced Backgrounds - Symmetry and balance are the key to certain types of ring shots. Since you’re dealing with such intricate detail, the slightest shift can throw your whole image off. For example, if the image has a focus directly down the centre, make sure everything is aligned. If your image has prefect symmetry, adjust it so that it’s as close to perfect as your lighting. Make sure that you’ve got time to allow for these adjustments. Otherwise, if you start and end up being hurried along, this is when mistakes will be made.

Where ring photography is pretty much black and white, it will be hard to correct a photograph if you’ve made a huge mistake (camera settings wise, or otherwise). Plan ahead, work quickly and allow extra time.

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Wedding Ring Photography TIP #8: Creative Thinking - Thinking outside of the box is key throughout wedding photography, otherwise all of your client’s images begin to look the same. This also will begin to harm your photography portfolio so, being unique and creative will do you good!  

Use silhouettes and other creative lighting techniques. You could place rings in front of unique backgrounds, or you could use props to surround the rings and make the image more interesting. Candles and flowers are a popular choice, or even a letter of the vows as a background. Unlike much of the wedding day, you actually have full control of this moment, and you and your clients will appreciate the creativity and the attention to detail in these shots. In other words, this is a chance to show your capabilities so, get started on that creative thinking!

Wedding Ring Photography TIP #9: Significance - The rings themselves are super meaningful to the couple that are getting married, but sometimes adding a little more personalisation into your images of the wedding rings will take your photography that big step forward that you’ve been after. Besides, the client satisfaction has got to leave a sweet taste too?

A ring shot is worth so much more to a client when it includes something else meaningful from the day. Whether you’re incorporating their bouquets, their party favours, or an item with their date on it, having something that adds story-telling or scene-setting value to the image always makes it better.

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Wedding Ring Photography TIP #10: Backgrounds & Textures - This is our last tip for you today (we know, we’re sad too!), but don’t worry, it’s a good one. Interesting colours and textures are things that we as photographers are trained to always be on the lookout for. But when it comes to wedding ring photography, it’s usually a little harder to find bold colours/ flashy backgrounds that are within eye shot at the wedding venue/ reception area. So, what should you do?  

Keep in mind that, with your ring shots, you now have the luxury of taking almost anything and making it a background, from a piece of cloth to a purse to a party favour to a bouquet. If you see something that you can work with, you should go for it! Who says that it has to be a backdrop already?

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