Wedding Ring Photography

Wedding Ring Photography

Wedding ring photography is of course an very important detail shot that you'll take at a wedding. So what does it take to make a good photograph of a wedding ring? Here's a few tips to help you out with wedding ring photography.

1. Personalize your arrangement

A great place to start with shooting the rings is to use elements of the decorations for the wedding in the photograph. Doing this ties your photos of the rings in with the overall theme of the wedding. And since the theme of a wedding is usually personal to the couple, this will immediately add a personalized touch to your photos. Find time that you can spend photographing the rings, and bring them to a well-lit area where there are decorations, flower arrangements or even the wedding dress are already set up. If finding something more personal is difficult, you can always use the bouquet, an invitation, or place them on something simple like some wood. With wedding ring photography, use your imagination and experiment until you find something that works. The wedding rings in the photograph below are photographed on the wedding dress.

2. Lighting your shots

If at all possible, you'll want to try to use natural light when photographing the details for a wedding. This may not always be possible, but rings are, luckily, are very mobile. Find a room with windows and try using a windowsill. Take them outside and photograph them in nature. Anything where you can do to get natural light, do it. However, when you're completely unable to use natural light, you can still get great results by a flash and a small reflector or bounce card. Again with wedding ring photography, get creative with the angles, use the lights, keep moving it until you find how you'd like to light the shot within the framing you've set up. If using natural light, change your direction until the rings look just right.

3. Lenses and settings

Use a macro lens or an extension tube to help you with your wedding ring photography. It makes total sense that a good macro lens will be a great help in shooting small objects. If you don't own one, many zoom lenses do have a "macro" focus range, though you won't have the benefit of smaller apertures or close proximity to your subject. If you do shoot with a macro lens, try playing around with the aperture until you get a field of focus that has the depth you like. You may want to keep just the edge of the rings in sharp focus, or you may want more of the rings to be similarly in focus. The real key is that you want to have at least one area of very sharp focus, so try to set your camera to take in the most light while still being at a shutter speed that won't capture any shaking. An extension tube is also a great option, they are relatively cheap and produce great results. Add the extension tube to your 50mm and get nice and close for a fraction of the cost.

4. Be creative and try new things

Tip 4 on our top tips for wedding ring photography is to add some creativity to your wedding ring photo's. Find shadows, light patches, cool back grounds and experiment with your light directions. I usually mix between some classic and simple wedding ring photos and then at the end I will experiment a little with some light patches or anything else that I see that could be interesting.

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Photo + editing credit: All images in this blog post edited by the team here at Weddit and photographed by Lukas Griffin. 

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