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Wedding Picture Website

How to get your online portfolio rockin!..


So how do we get a great wedding picture website, to showcase all of our beautiful work, let's explore!...

As a professional wedding photographer, your website is one of the most important things to dial in to share your unique personal brand message with ideal clients. Today we are going to discuss how you can ensure your wedding picture website appeals to and helps you book clients who are perfect for your photography business.


1.        Target, Attract and Repel


The first step in a solid business practice is to first select an ideal client. How old is your ideal client? Where is there favorite place to go shopping? Where are they located? What do they like to do for fun? After you identify your ideal client, then choose a specific message that resonates with them.


Your wedding photography business has the ability to serve many different types of people but the reality is that you can’t specialize in everything. Choosing a niche clientele will help you build a stronger brand and ultimately will make you more memorable to the right kind of people. Specializing will make sure that visitors to your website fully experience what it is that makes you special.


2.        BE YOU.


It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses- and own it. These play a critical role in whether your business will just survive or thrive. Identify what your unique qualities are and then be sure that your website expressed this.


Make an “about” section that truly reflects your personality and style. Ensure that it includes pictures of you and your team so that visitors to your site really see you- through photos, your writing and your style. In order to do business with you, your potential clients need to trust you first and to trust you, they have to know you.


3.        Consistency is Key


Successful big business of our generation can be recognized by some of the simplest visual elements. This is partly due to their consistent use of a brand standard for colors, fonts, logos, and layouts. These are documented in a detailed style guide. A full guide might be too much for smaller businesses, but it’s worth creating at lease a full-page document with a list of 5-8 colors, 3-4 fonts, and logo layouts.


Be sure to use this as your reference for your brand visuals. Be persistent to stay consistent as you fine-tune them over time. In a website builder like MyPix, you can set your font style and colors. You can then build or update your design, and your brand elements will update and stay consistent throughout your site.


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