Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles

So let's talk a little about wedding photography styles. If you're interested in photography on a professional level or already work as a freelance photographer as your profession, at some point you'll find yourself asking 'what is my personal photography style?' if you haven't already figured it out. But it's okay, it can take a little while if you're not too sure which path you want to go down in terms of your trade mark/ signature look when producing images, so, in this post, we'll give you 3 tips which you can use to figure out what your personal style is!

It sounds like such a huge task doesn't it? Deciding on a photography style means that you have to stick to that style. As a photographer, you need a look that you feel confident that you can present throughout your images. Many of us feel that we’ve found our “look” on a photography level, while others of us are still trying to find the groove. So, how is it done? Well, here are a few of our thoughts at Weddit on how you can decide what your photography style is.

#1: Stop Trying To Be Another Photographer - Period. You know that photographer you follow on Instagram? The one where you always gush over the images that they put out there and say, “Dude. I wish I could shoot like that.” Or maybe you say, “Ugh. I wish that was my style.” Yes? Well, we've all been there in some way, shape or form. Well here's what you do... appreciate their work for their work and leave it at that! Now you’re wondering “but, but, but, where am I going to get my inspiration from now?!” Look around your house. Your town. Your family. There is your inspiration. You just haven’t seen it yet because you’re trying to imitate someone else’s work. You browse that photographer's work online and you love it, but it makes you feel crummy about your own work. Am I right? Well, take the time to look away and find inspiration somewhere else. It's the best way to find who you really are as a photographer.

#2: Don't Copy My first point brings me nicely onto my second. Don’t copy someone else’s photography style. Have you heard of the saying 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?' Well, it’s also the most annoying thing ever to the original owner and creator of a piece of content. I mean yeah, it's great that you admire them and their work, who doesn't love to hear that? But, the people who find success put all of their time and efforts into finding their niche and for someone else to just come along and take the shortcut by copying them down to the letter T is just annoying! Don't be that person, besides you'll never be truly content with your work knowing that it's just a replica. Take inspiration – yes, but don't take measurements. Know what I mean?

Instead, take an idea and run with it. Find what you like about that photography style and make it PART of your photography style. Maybe it’s the haziness of someone’s work that you love. Maybe it’s the lens flare. It’s very likely that you can pull just one element out and say 'yeah that's what I like about it'. You just need to pinpoint what you love about it.

#3: Shoot With Your Camera Daily - Shoot an image That's right, you read that correctly. But think about it logically, if you don't learn your craft and familiarise yourself with your camera to the point where you know what each button does (inside and out) then you'll never find

your photography style naturally. Check out our post 'Affirming Your Camera Settings Before Shooting A Wedding'.

We promise you that if you shoot daily your photography style will emerge. Just try shooting daily and after a while you will see what you love as a constant in about 75% of your shots. You’ll know you’ve made it. The next step is having the courage to run with it, but we believe in you, you've got this!

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