Wedding photography pricing

Wedding Photography Pricing



Wedding photography pricing is crucial to a thriving photo career, creative lifestyle, and a fulfilling retirement. Every wedding photographer who has typed up an invoice has struggled with their pricing. What to charge, what they are worth, how to discuss money with their client, it can be a tricky subject, let's explore a little…


For most photographers, the numbers are dismal. A deep look into finances can reveal unsustainable price points that really aren’t keeping you afloat. That’s why today we are going to discuss a little more about how to reevaluate your numbers to ensure long term success!



Hobbyist to Pro


Starting a new business is so exciting! You get autonomy, flexibility, and full ownership over hows and whens. You are building your dream business from the ground up and making it exactly what you want it to be. While starting a new business is really exciting, it can also be a little intimidating. If you’re finished offering photography for free, it means you’re ready for friends and new clients to take you seriously. Which means you have to take yourself seriously too. What does that mean for your photography pricing?


Market Research


Most people start taking a poll of their market. They:


·             Ask fellow photographers in the industry

·             Scour competition’s websites

·             And sometimes survey their target market, asking them what they are willing to spend.


In lots of ways, this can be helpful because it provides an overall range of current photography pricing in your particular market. It also tells you what potential clients are finding when they look for a photographer.


Don’t Stop There!


The biggest problem with the “market research” method is that many wedding photographers stop their photography pricing exploration after some light research. They assume that the businesses they were researching are successful. But that isn’t necessarily true!


Start with Your Expenses


The best way is to start backwards. Start by asking yourself these questions:


·             Who is your target market?

·             What do they expect you to deliver?

·             Do they want a thumb drive in a fancy box?

·             Will you order proofs for all of their sessions?

·             How will you deliver your images (if no proofs or fancy boxes)

·             Do you need a budget for services for your business (like Weddit)

·             How much time are you devoting to each shoot?


Once you can get a good sense of how much these services and products cost your business in both time and money, you will have a better idea of where to set your initial wedding photography pricing.


Wedding photo editing service

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