wedding photography prices

Wedding Photography Prices


Wedding photography prices can fluctuate between photographers. For a wedding photographer, your sales are the very thing that sustains your business. From when a potential client first views your website, to the time they first see their finished photographs. A lot of photographer hate selling and insist that they aren’t a salesperson. Don’t look at it is as “selling”, look at it as relationship-building. Great selling is establishing trust and connection with humans who want to hire you! .


These incredibly important relationships can crumble too easily if you don’t understand your role as a salesperson. Don’t panic! Take a breath, relax, and settle in as we talk about the most common photography sales mistakes to avoid!

So how do you get your wedding photography prices right?

Let's explore and look at some common mistakes..

1.      You Let Your Clients Intimidate You


are an obstacle to hurdle.When you need your clients’ approval (and ultimately their money) to order to survive, It’s really easy to embrace a “me vs. them” vibe. You may begin to feel like your clients are an obstacle to hurdle.This can cause you to be subconsciously defensive in your photographer-client relationship. When you talk to clients they will be able to feel this underlying defensiveness and they will get the feeling that you don’t like them that much. Instead of seeing your clients as the enemy, try to see them as your collaborators. They need you. And you need them. And together you can create something truly amazing.


2.      You Price-Shock Your Clients 

We aren’t going to tell you what to charge, or if you should list your prices on your website. However, we will tell you to never, ever avoid talking about money. We get it, it can be awkward. But in the end, it’s half of the reason this client contacted you. They want to book you. But they need to know how much it is going to cost them. Photography is an investment! Make sure to give your clients time to review ALL of your pricing and product offerings before their session and any photography sales meetings. Be authentic. It will inspire your clients to let down their own guard and be real with you. The clearer you are about who you are and what you offer, the more likely you will attract clients that are right for you and your business.


3.      You Spend Too Much Time on Busy-Work

Busy work is work you do that keeps you busy but doesn’t really impact the most critical needs of your business. So many photographers spend endless hours making constant   revisions to their websites…but that time may be better spend on other marketing endeavors. What busy work could you outsource? Post production? Album design? Studio      management? Time is money and time saved can be reinvested into relationships and business building that, in turn, earns you more money.

Wedding photo editing service

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