Wedding Photography Editing Trends Part 1

Wedding Photography Editing Trends Part 1

One way that you can evolve as a photographer is with your wedding photo editing style. Admittedly, this is a topic that we like to talk about here at Weddit a fair amount, because choosing a photography style and mastering it can take your photographs from good to great! Our thinking is, why stop there? Why not put your fingers in a few pies and master a handful of wedding photography editing styles? That’s why in today’s article, we’re not just focusing on any old wedding photography styles, but wedding photography editing trends that are desirable by clients right now!

So, if you’re interested in learning what the wedding photography editing trends are right now, just carry on reading this article, as we talk you through the six most common wedding photography trends. By the end of this article you’ll know which editing style(s) is/ are for you!

Will Choosing A Wedding Photography Editing Style Affect Your Business? - The simple answer is YES, choosing a photography editing style (or styles) and sticking by it/ them will influence your business in a number of ways. Just think of it like this...

Your wedding photo editing style is one of the main ways that you and your business can stand out from the crowd of photographers in front, behind and next to you. Clients will pick a wedding photographer based on their photography style. This includes their editing techniques too. Which is of course why we’re focusing on wedding photography editing trends in this article!

There are certainly many different styles of editing wedding photos. Trust us when we say that there is a clientele and market for almost any type of wedding photography and wedding photography editing style out there.

Some styles are referred to as evergreen. Natural looking wedding photos which feature bright and clean editing, for example. This is typically our most favourite kind here at Weddit, but we have been known to dabble in other areas too, as you’ll see throughout this article, Dark and moody, HDR processed, special effects and sepia tones are all temporary wedding photography editing trends of the moment.

The style of wedding photography you choose depends on what you want your work to show to all existing and potential clients. Before choosing one or a handful of styles that you’d like to master, first think about the clientele which you will attract by following these styles through. It will help your business along if you think wisely about these things first.

Starting Out & Picking an Editing Style - When you are starting out as a wedding photographer, it is very tempting to pick a popular trend of wedding photo editing and go with the heard. It might seem like couples are gravitating towards a particular style, which will lead to you thinking that potential clients will be more likely to book your services if you do the same as everyone else. But we encourage you to think long term business goals for a moment before making that decision.

Wedding photos last for generations and as the years go on, family members will one day be glancing at the images that you’ve taken who haven’t even been thought of yet! They’re a way to connect with my family who are no longer around. Which is why it’s important to make the right decision when choosing a wedding photography editing style. It’s not only with you for life but it’s with your clients and their family members for life too.

Wedding Photography Editing Trends (N0. 1: Light Bright and Airy Photos) - Images that are bright and airy give a sense of clean natural editing (which is what we like!) We like bright and airy images with lots of light and emotion that tell a story. These kinds of images inspire us and make us happy, much like they will from a client’s perspective too.

We want our client’s images to be clean and as natural as possible. That’s why Lukas’ style of wedding photo editing is somewhere between classic and airy. Throughout our images in this article, you will notice that a clean, picturesque, uncluttered background is often looked for to make this style of photography happen on a constant basis. Although, if worse comes to worst and you can only have one of these things, always pick good lighting above all else! You’ll need that element for editing your photos in this style.

Wedding Photography Editing Trends (N0 2: Dark and Moody) - Dark and moody images are a fairly recent but very popular wedding photography editing trend at the moment. These photos can look very romantic and bring a very cinematic feel to a photo (See the image below as an example of what we mean).

While this style of photography editing can be beautifully carried out on images taken outside, we have found that there tends to be a lot more saturation in some parts of the image compared to other editing techniques. This means that certain skin tones look a little unnatural (which of course takes a little extra work to put right).

Sometimes the darker tones mean that the image tends to have an orangish/black look. This doesn’t always translate very well when printed, but if you’ve got the skill to fix this problem then the image will look incredible! We would say that this shouldn’t be relied upon at first, just because it’s a little difficult to master.

Another thing is that this look does not translate well from an indoor to an outdoor setting and vice versa. So, again you will need the photo editing eye and skill set at your disposal to put this issue right. Images from a complete wedding do tend to look a bit disjointed if they’re all carried out with this editing technique. So, if your clients are set on this style, maybe plan to editing a few of the outdoorsy shots in this way so that you have a handful of edits throughout the wedding day.

Wedding Photography Editing Trends (N0 3: Matte Look) - Matte images tend to appear as if you placed a slight hazy filter over the image. Sometimes, the image seems a bit soft and not quite tack sharp.

These types of images also don’t translate very well onto a printed format (this is just something that may be worth mentioning if your clients opt for this editing technique). There are many different ways to add a matte effect to your images. One of the easiest ways is to adjust the Tone Curve in the Develop Module in Lightroom. Then adjust the individual points so that they form a ‘S’ shaped curve. You can always change the shape to fine tune the matte effect.

We hope you’ve found Part 1 useful! Join us back here soon for our second instalment of this post. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram We’ll see you over there soon...

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