Wedding Photography Editing

Wedding photography editing 


As photographers ourselves, we know firsthand the struggles of figuring out the best way to edit thousands upon thousands of photos within a tight deadline. We’ve been doing this for a while so we are going talk about some common mistakes photographers are making when it comes to wedding photography editing.


1.         You are over thinking everything.


The number of presets that are on the market can be overwhelming. We find that photographers sometimes end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on Lightroom presets to achieve their unique style. 


Problem: Photographers are often paralyzed by the idea of using Adobe Lightroom presets. They suddenly begin to apply them one by one to a wedding which is an inefficient use of time. They are making SO many decisions for every single image. 


Solution: Don’t over think it! Find a good preset that works for you as a base and build from there. Or you can let a wedding photography editing service like Weddit help you out ;)


2.         You’re editing outside, by the pool.


We’ve all seen those beautiful, idyllic photos on Instagram of photographers on their laptops editing on their laptop by the pool with a margarita in hand….


Problem:  The problem is that your sight is influenced by ambient brightness and surrounding colors around you that are reflecting off of your screen. When you are outside by the pool and its extremely sunny and bright, all those saturated colors around you influence the way you perceive color on your screen. You end up overcompensating with your wedding photography editing.


Solution: Consistency is key. If you want to achieve consistent color, you should be editing and viewing all of your images in a consistent environment with controlled lighting. Ideally a dimly lit room with neutral colored walls. 


3.         You are over processing.


A common mistake is that some photographers are relying heavily on processing techniques that overshadows their original images. As photographers, we should be relying on our strengths, insights and timing rather than our Photoshop tricks.


Problem: Relying on editing effects for impact rather than your artistic ability with your camera. These images will look very dated in a few years.


Solution: Find a simple, understated look that will be timeless. If your post production is drawing attention to itself, it’s probably being overdone.


4.         You’re not using Photo Mechanic


Photo Mechanic outperforms Adobe Lightroom by a million to one when it comes to culling and creating previews.


Problem: Lightroom is very slow at creating previews of your images as you cull. Once its finished, there is often a lag between images. You are importing hundreds of images that you aren’t even going to end up using which just makes everything much slower as well.


Solution: Import photos that you are going to edit and send to your client into Lightroom. This cuts out so much time that it takes to import and generate previews for images you don’t really need. Always keep the catalog as small as possible to keep Lightroom working at optimal speed.


5.         You’re not calibrating you monitor.


Problem: All monitors stray in color accuracy over time. Calibrating it just once isn’t going to cut it either… it needs to be calibrated on a regular basis.


Solution: Buy a calibration device. We love the Spyder5 Pro. Be sure to calibrate your monitor at least once a month to ensure color is being displayed true to life. But also the mac's standard calibration is excellent also and is getting better each year. If you have a new mac, post 2016, you are in a good spot!


6.         You care too much.


Problem: Of course it is important to care about your wedding photography editing and you images. We totally get and we do too, but can you care almost too much? As photographers, it’s easy to get a little too emotionally attached to images and end up spending far too much time editing just one image.


Solution: You need to evaluate whether or not spending 10 more minutes on one photo will result in any amount of money in your bank. Of course, you should care about your editing but it’s important to remember that if you are in the proofing stage, you can’t care about the image as if it’s going on the cover a magazine.


No one is going to see as many faults in your images as you are. Most photographers are their own harshest critic but your client’s expectations are probably not on the same level as yours. One of the many benefits of outsourcing your post production is having a pair of fresh eyes to look at your photos.

Wedding photo editing service

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Photo credit: All images in this blog post by Lukas Griffin.

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