Wedding Photo Tips

Wedding Photo Tips

Be Creative

One of our top wedding photo tips is to shoot from creative angles - If you’ve been hired to capture one of the most memorable days of someone's life on camera, it's likely that their wedding day photos can be nothing short of perfection. Depending on the part of the event which you are focusing on, some parts of the day offer more of an opportunity than others to capture some really beautiful and inspiring images. For example, taking photos when everyone is seated is a tad more difficult to jazz up. You may have to get creative with composition to achieve a variety of images. You can utilize interesting angles and perspectives so that the shot isn’t so utilitarian. A way to remember what to do in a very usual situation when you want unique images, is to keep the photos interesting by keeping the angles interesting. For example, if there are floral arrangements, you can shoot between them, or you could use columns or heights to make your images original. If possible, go outside and take pictures looking in through the window or archway or you could take advantage of the unique features at the specified venue. Look at the event not just as a participant, but from an outsider’s perspective, to get a broader sense of the day and incorporate that into your photography.

Have fun with posed shots 

While most wedding events will have a variety of picturesque photo opportunities, many of these images can all begin to look very similar and put on for the sake of taking a photo. Some of the best images come from natural habits and movements in front of the camera and this is something that should definitely be applied when taking photographs on a wedding day. 'Grip and grin' shots, as photographers call them are the kind of photos that anyone with a camera can take. Use the light anf challenge yourself to get more playful and creative, maybe even take some images of people across the room in cheerful conversation or of children playing and laughing all dressed up to take part in the ceremony. As for the bride, there will be many natural opportunities to capture memorable moments. For example, as she is putting on her veil or as she is walking down the aisle. If possible, try to take images as guests arrive to capture a genuine look of happiness and congratulations within the images. Trust your creativity and you’ll get photographs that will endure and stand out!

Rely on natural lighting 

Try to take advantage of the natural lighting in your venue and avoid using flash photography were possible. Unnatural light makes an image inherently feel like a photograph and takes real-life memories out of the moment. So, here are some photography lighting tips; if you really need to use flash, consider investing in event photography equipment like an off- camera flash. If you do need to use flash photography, have the individual/ group of people turn slightly to the side so they’re not facing the camera head-on. This will reduce red-eye in your pictures. This is what's caused when light enters the subject’s eyes at a right angle. Having people face different angles looks more natural in a photo too of this nature. Some of the photos can be taken outside, others may look good next to indoor features by an open/ detailed window or door. This will ensure that all of the best features of the venue are caught throughout your images.

Wedding photo editing service

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