Wedding Night Photos

Wedding Night Photos

Wedding night photography is something that every professional photographer will play around with at some point during their learning process. Many people don't actually associate night time photography with wedding photography, which is quite a shame, because it can be a good way to capture some non-traditional wedding images for the quirkier and more modern newly-weds. Wedding night photos can be taken anywhere! Maybe you could capture the Bride and Groom standing outside the venue where they were married, or perhaps outside the venue where their reception is being held. You could even involve other guests of the wedding party to get involved to capture some photos with a fun theme to them. It’s all about personal taste really and of course what the couple want to capture.

Capturing Wedding Night Photos – You may find yourself asking the question “what’s the point of capturing wedding photographs at night time?” Well, it’s actually a great way to create a different mood throughout your images. Albeit, they are not traditional, but if they’re captured well, you could create some stunning images! Besides, some of the most outspoken, powerful and romantic wedding photographs are taken at night, so if you think you can do it, it’s worth a shot. But even if you’re not quite sure how to master imagery at night, you will be after reading a few blog posts such as this one, it all helps!

We’ll worn you now though, low light photography is often considered to be the most difficult for event photography (especially a wedding). Without proper planning, equipment, knowledge of your equipment and its capabilities, missing that one chance moments are not something that you’re going to want to be responsible for! Low light photography is not exactly the most difficult, but it is the most technical and you will need a little knowledge to pull it off. Many factors go into low light photography and one of them is the colour of the light.

Wedding Night Photos (Lighting) - The first noticeable thing you will see with night photography (low light photography) is the colour spectrum will change. Think of how you see light with your eyes. In daytime you see more colours and ranges of those colours. At night, you see less colour and range of colour. Well, it’s the same for your camera's eye!

Wedding night photos will be affected by the different colours or light (temperatures) as we mentioned above, which will impact all of the pictures, especially if the picture is in colour! Light temperature generally changes throughout the day with sunlight but there are more contributing factors at night. These factors include the temperature of the artificial lighting and even the colour of the lighting. This is one of the reasons why many photographers default a lot of their nighttime images to black and white because all the different colours of light can be quite distracting especially taking skin tones into account. It can actually end up looking a little crazy if there’s too much going on, so lighting is something that you should be aware of!

Low-Light Wedding Photography – Wedding night photographs are taken at a low-lit environment and as we have mentioned, this can cause the photographer a few issues that they’ll need to deal with, but it’s not just a hindrance... While many consider the night limiting in nature, there is actually a brilliant depth to certain wedding night photos. Taking pictures at night demands that you understand the lighting situation and create the light that you need to capture beautiful wedding pictures. Why not get a little practice in? Play around with your camera from dusk until dawn to work out how to maximise quality image results! Understanding the types of light, the amount of light, light angles, light fall off and focus of light will help to make your images better! If you master this and gather a true understanding, then your images will be spectacular at night and it’ll be something that you can offer to your clients. On the other end of the scale, you could check out our article on portrait lighting, feel free to read our tips!

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