Wedding Details List

Wedding details list


At a wedding, every single detail is planned usually months- sometimes years ahead. From the attire, to guest list, to the type of fold of napkins. This type of planning that’s put into most weddings is the sum of countless decisions and immeasurable amount of effort. 


That’s why they hired you! The professional photographer to document the day that this seemingly endless planning finally all comes together. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of essential detail shots to capture at every wedding. 


Communication is Essential

Before you begin to think about what types of lenses to bring or camera to shoot with, talk to your bride and groom. Ask them what is most important to them? Opening up this dialogue is key and you’ll soon discover some important things that may have been overlooked about their day. Talk to your couple and get a feel for how important the details are to them on the big day. You don’t want to overshoot details only to realize that you have no personal moments or guest candids.


Getting Ready

Start by looking for a safe location to photograph her entire dress and her accessories. Remember to not overthink it, there’s something to be said about keeping it simple. You can accompany the shot with her shoes as well. As the bride gets ready, this is also the perfect time to find the bouquets and photograph them in their freshest state before they start wilting. 


Quick list:


- Dress- Shoes

- Jewelry- Flowers

- Bouquets and boutonnieres

- Hair- Makeup


Ceremony Details

Ceremonies now a day shave so many fun little details of their own! Before the actual ceremony starts, (depending on the time of your arrival) try to get a wide angle shot with no guests. From there you can start moving on to the smaller details like refreshment tables, ceremony programs, flowers etc. 


Quick list: 


- Interior/exterior of ceremony site

- Program- Altar/Arbor

- Guest refreshments

- Pew decorations- Ring Exchange



This is when time is of the essence and you have to be quick on your feet. These next photos are usually taken place right after you have finished the couple’s portraits, for the tail end of cocktail hour. It’s important to not forget about the little details of the space. Find the place card table, guest book, and the gift table. These are usually at the entrance of when the guests arrive.  Be sure to think about the room as a whole. You might want to grab a wide angle shot of the entire space as well. You can then move onto center pieces, personalized favors, or custom menus. 


Quick List:


- Name/ table card setup

- Gift table- Full room

- Table setup- Centerpieces

- Favors- Menus- Cake/ dessert table



These shots that we’ve compiled are meant to serve as a framework to capturing all the hard work that went into planning for the day. Capturing details with a mixture of amazing moments throughout the day will give you well rounded coverage that your couple can go back to year after year to live out their memories.

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