Wedding Consultation Secrets (For Photographers) Part 1

Wedding Consultation Secrets (For Photographers) Part 1

Hey there, welcome back to our little corner of the internet here at Weddit! Today, we’re sharing five of our five best kept secrets (intended to be used during the wedding consultation) for wedding photographers. Want to know what they are? Well, just keep on reading to find out...

The Importance of Wedding Consultations - Wedding consultations are very important as potential clients of yours will use this tool to decide what photographer they’re going to hire to photograph their wedding. So, it’s absolutely vital to do things right! Put it this way, if you have an engaged couple sat opposite you after enquiring about your services, then you’re in with a shot. So, don’t blow it!  

We’ve all been there, you know? Beginners. Trust us, pretty much every person who picks up a camera for the first and thinks to themselves ‘I want to be a wedding photographer’ comes to a hurdle at some point in their career. We’d be surprised if you knew how to ace the wedding consultation off the bat. So, that’s what we’re here to help you out with! In this article, you’ll learn five of our secrets to use during a wedding consultation to help you land those wedding gigs.  

Oh, and we should probably mention as a quick disclaimer, that this post has been written from a wedding photographer’s perspective, but every single point can be applied to a portrait pre-sales consultation as well. Okay, so now we’ve covered that, let's get on with the article...

Tip #N0.1: Don’t Be Selfish - When photographers first approach consultations, they tend to ramble on and talk about themselves a lot. Obviously, you do need to talk about your services enough, which will hopefully make your potential clientele want to book their wedding shoot with you after having the wedding consultation. While there’s nothing wrong with sharing those things, you have to find a way to make it valuable to your clients as well.

Educate and empower them and your new clients will leave feeling like A) they made the right choice picking you and B) that their time was well-spent, which is a very good thing for your reputation as a wedding photographer in the business. It’s also a good idea to ask them some questions too. It’s a given that they’ll have a few questions to ask you, but by asking them a few things, they’ll understand that you care about them as a couple and not just the money that you’ll be getting from doing the job.

You should also talk about how long things are expected to take on the day of their wedding. Give them tips for making the wedding day go smoothly. Also, don’t forget to tell them what they should be thinking about as they consider what photographer would be best for them (making sure to highlight areas where you are particularly strong). There’s a number of different things that you can do here, so figure out what works best for you and run with it during the wedding consultation.

Tip #N0.2: Make A Connection - If you can make a personal connection with your potential clients from the offset, they’re more likely to book with you! Establishing an emotional connection with prospective clients is key to getting bookings, but it’s not the ONLY factor that you’ll have to consider in this business.

Don’t misunderstand what we’re saying though, it’s easy to swing too far either way. If you’re only concerned about that emotional connection with clientele, then you may find that you’re not talking about the photography contract or prices enough and you’ll just end up having a casual conversation about the couple and their wedding over coffee to build rapport. Never wait for the client to bring up this side of things as you cannot assume that they’ve understood everything you’ve previously sent over by email. Heck, they may not have even looked at the info pack! Perhaps they wanted to meet you first before spending x amount of time flicking through the stuff you sent over.

Even though focusing on the emotional side of things works a lot better at getting clients than being selfish does, we still think you’ve got to meet in the middle there somewhere. Otherwise people just won’t learn enough about you and your services. If your clients still have loads of questions afterward the consultation, it’s clear that you haven’t covered the correct topics in enough detail. It’s easy to lose clientele by presenting information in an unclear or lacking manor. The last thing that you want people to think is that organising a wedding consultation with you is a waste of their time.

The best way to approach this is to start the consultation by asking about them and their wedding. Make mental notes of what they talk about (these are the things that are important to them). If you ask them to tell you about the wedding and they gush about their amazing flowers, you’ll know they value this and you can talk about how you spend time photographing the details, such as the flowers, that they are putting so much time and money into planning. Connect and discover their passions so that you can create an emotional connection to your services. Now that’s how you do both!

At a wedding, you’ll always end up taking photos of things like the flower arrangements, so it’s not like you’re just saying what they want to hear (that’s a VERY bad idea, so don’t say it unless you can actually do it!). You’re simply confirming that they will be getting the things that they really want if they hire you to photograph their wedding.

We hope you’ve found Part 1 useful! Join us back here soon for our second instalment of this post. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram We’ll see you over there soon...

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