Wedding Album

Wedding Album

Back in the day, wedding albums were the big thing, nowadays admittedly they are less of a demand, but you’ll be surprised how many traditionalists there are out there and you can make a bet that some of your clients will make enquiries about a wedding album and whether you offer one as part of your service to them as their wedding photographer. Albums of the past typically held around forty images and that would be it! But, you could still offer your clients the chance to order a wedding album, where some of the better and most prestigious images are combined together to make one stunning wedding album for your clients.

Needless to say, things have changed a bit. Now, forty images would be typical for a family portrait session, while wedding clients expect to walk away with hundreds and in some cases thousands of images, so why not add the wedding album option on as an incentive if your clients choose a larger photography package with you, or perhaps for a smaller fee, just add on the costs for the wedding album onto the total cost of shooting their actual wedding e.c.t You can discuss the pricing and the details of what the happy couple actually want, but this is just a little something to consider for now. A handcrafted album is a timeless treasure, we’re here to help you metaphorically sell wedding albums to your clients. Just read this guide and practice these top tips throughout your sales.

Tip #1: Pre-Sell Albums - Start building the buzz for the wedding album that you offer, before clients even book their first session or wedding gig with you as the wedding photographer. Don’t just list an album in your packages and be done with it. Oh no, you’re going to need to explain why they’re a priceless investment and why the happy couple should want one. Take some dazzling product shots of your sample album and include them on your info page. Describe the craftsmanship and the customized design and how a handcrafted wedding album is a real item to be treasured. You can even include a slideshow at your first meeting of sample spreads so that they can see what they’ll be getting if they choose a package that includes a wedding album.

Tip #2: Sell & Shoot - No, we’re not suggesting that you rattle off a sales pitch while you’re clicking away and shooting the clients from behind the camera, but you should think about your album while you shoot and try to sell it to your clients along the way. Gather the details that tell a complete story in your images. Create those epic images that beg to be displayed across a full spread and then you can use them in the wedding album. This will dazzle the happy couple. Let them know as you’re shooting how amazing those images are going to look in their album. Get yourself in the mindset, and get them in the mindset: Someone’s going home with an album and it’s going to be your clients!

Tip #3: The story - A huge canvas print will show the Bride’s stunning dress, the groom’s wingtip shoes, and the beautiful wedding location. But they don’t show the handmade centrepieces on the tables, the thoughtful favours, the guests laughing amongst themselves, or the dancing photos where certain family members forget about the cameras pointing at them. Those details are a huge part of the story and if they’re not hanging on your client’s wall, where are they? Without an album, they could linger on a USB for…well, forever. Everything today has a forward-thinking digital edge or touch to it, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something traditional? Something that you can hold? Something that you can flick through at your own leisure and reminisce over your wedding day? Yes? That’s what we think too, so that’s exactly why a wedding album should be offered as part of your photography package. If you shoot documentary-style weddings or lifestyle portraits, you’re not selling images, you’re telling a complete story of their life at that particular moment. Albums are a natural extension of that.  

Tip #4: The Long-Term – In today’s day and age, we’re so used to everything being shared in real-time on social media, so naturally, clients will be focused on getting their favourite files loaded onto social media to show their friends online. But where will those images be in ten years' time? How about twenty-five years' time? Will you still be using Facebook? Will Facebook even exist? Will your computer still read USBs? Not too long ago, we were using floppy disks, so who knows what the next twenty-five years will bring? Technology is constantly changing, but a wedding album can never be outmoded and at least something as important as a wedding album containing your clients highlighted wedding images will be in one place. A safe place, that you’ll always be able to reach for. How’s that for forward- thinking?

Tip #5: Wedding Package - When albums are sold a la carte, the splurge can be difficult for budget conscious clients to justify. Nowadays, the budget conscious aspect of things applies to four out of five people, so it’s important to remember this throughout your business when putting prices together, otherwise your own funds may take a hit and no one wants to be out of work! Including a wedding album in the package drives the point that the photographic pastime isn’t just an extravagant “extra”, it's an integral part of the service that you provide as a wedding photographer. Offering an album is an elegant way to store and share the images you’ve created for your client. Some photographers include a standard size in their packages, with plenty of room to upgrade their sales, so maybe you could consider this when creating your packages?

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