Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage Wedding Photography

Have you ever attended a wedding as a guest with a vintage theme? Or maybe you’ve seen that desirable style of vintage wedding photography in a magazine somewhere? Vintage photography can be found in more places than one and we’re not just talking about wedding photography... You know what they say? In with the old and out with the new, at least that’s how some people remember it. See, vintage wedding photography is actually a very popular choice nowadays when it comes to capturing wedding photographs through the likes of a professional wedding photographer. Of course, this choice rests with the clients at hand, but it does help the process along if the soon to be happy couple know that a vintage style of wedding is exactly what they want off hand. This is mostly because it is such a distinctive style of photography, that weddings who call for this style of photography will more than likely require what is called a ‘vintage wedding photographer’.

Now hear us out, we’re not saying that you have to solely be a vintage wedding photographer to shoot in this style at a paying gig. In other posts we’ve mentioned (more than once) how a photographer can learn many styles and techniques when it comes to wedding photography. In fact, we encourage it, as learning versatility is a good thing to get under your belt in this industry. However, not all styles and techniques are as simple or are as easy to master as the ones next to them in the long list of styles and techniques. Without trying to scare you off as a photographer, we think you should know what the vintage style of photography game is all about and it is definitely one of the more difficult styles to master, because it’s obvious if you haven’t got the technique quite right when looking at the final prints. You’ll want to portray this style fairly well throughout your photographs and we’re here to help you do just that! So, carry on reading to find out more about vintage wedding photography and how you can produce perfect images in this style.

Tip #1: The Criteria – You may be shooting what is classed as a vintage wedding, but sometimes, shooting every single image in this style can come across a little gimmicky. Of course, it’s likely that your clients will expect a fair amount of the photographs that you take to have that vintage vibe to them, but just how vintage you’re expected to go is definitely something that you should ask your clients in that very first meeting, as this is where you’ll lay the groundwork for their wedding preparations. You should find out how many photographs they want in this style. Some clients won’t have a themed wedding as such, but they may want a certain number of photographs taken in this style, where as other wedding clients may want the full deal. We’re talking vintage wedding dresses and vintage décor, along with (have you guessed it?) vintage wedding photography... That’s where you come in!

Tip #2: Photoshop – After capturing your photographs, using a program like Photoshop is where most of the magic will happen. Although, we should warn you, try not to tweak the images too much, as a lot of people still like their wedding photographs to be natural looking. After all vintage is old school, it’s like going back to the basics so, you won’t want to overdo it. If you’re nifty with Photoshop there’s plenty tutorials online that you can look up, which tell you exactly what settings to use to give your images that vintage look. The best way to learn, is to learn from someone who has already figured out the answer to your question. These tutorials will give you the in-depth guiding principles that you’ll need and you can adapt these rules for each picture.

Tip #3: The Original Copies – As much as a couple may love the vintage version of their wedding photographs now, trends can date and tastes do change. Providing both versions to your client is the best way to make sure their wedding pictures really are timeless and that way, you’ve covered both ends of the spectrum!

Tip #4: Retrospect – Have you ever heard of the saying that talks about looking at something with fresh eyes? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but it basically means to come away from what you’re doing and go back to working on it when you’ve had a chance to see things from a different perspective. It’s the advice that a lot of authors receive when they get what’s called writers block, but it’s the same for photographers when editing a bundle of images. Let us explain... If you sit editing pictures for too long it gets difficult to tell what’s right and what’s not anymore, this becomes even more so when you’re making potentially quite drastic alterations (i.e. vintage wedding photography edits) so, our best advice would be to allow time to go back and review your edits; if you’re not sure if you’ve gone too far you probably have, but at least you can see now what you need to do to make those edits better.

So, those are our tips on vintage wedding photography! We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, don’t forget that you can keep up with our posts by following us on Instagram ( We hope to see you over there!

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