Videography Equipment

Videography Equipment

Shooting a great wedding video requires as much gear as shooting a small film. Just keep on reading to find out exactly what videography equipment you're going to need to shoot a wedding... When shooting a wedding video, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of gear that you'll actually need in your arsenal. So, here in this post you'll discover what the best items are for shooting a wedding! These camera gear options are not only compact, but they’re ready to be used in the fast-paced wedding environment, which is ideal for a photographer/ videographer on the move.

Obviously the most important thing you need to purchase as part of your videography equipment list is a camera. Cameras deserve a post of their own, in actual fact you can check out our blog post "DSLR Digital Camera", but for now, we won't go into too much detail in this post about that. As far as cameras and lenses are concerned, just have a backup camera ready. While shooting a wedding video, you should at least have two cameras. Three is the best option, which gives you two to shoot with and a backup just in case something happens to one of the others.

Stabilization - Just like any videography equipment production, camera stabilisation is key. If the couple wanted shaky camcorder footage, they would have just asked that random family member who has a camcorder to take the shot. Since they hired you, you’ll need to make sure your footage is as steady as can be in order for it to look professional.

Tripod - The tripod is the golden standard of all stable footage. Users think they need that latest and greatest stabiliser toy to get the best footage, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A solid tripod and fluid head will do more for your video than practically any of the following suggestions. The added benefit is the ability to setup a tripod and let a camera run while you attend to other shots. It also makes a great assistant during the ceremony. You can set a tripod in the back of the venue and just let the camera roll while you work on another camera angle. A tripod really is great for killing two birds with one stone, as it helps you to double up and get footage from all the angles that you need.

Slider - A camera slider performs magically when it comes to B-roll. You can easily attach it to a tripod and run around the venue capturing everything from exteriors to table centrepieces. Adding the slightest amount of movement can make footage much more intriguing. You can slide along the entryway table capturing the signature book and photos. You can slide into an entryway to help transition from one location to another. You can even use a slider to capture different angles of the Bride & Groom together.

Audio - How you capture audio is going to depend on the type of camera you are using. As DSLRs are the most common cameras used to shoot wedding video, you will need multiple audio sources. If you are using a traditional video camera, you may have built-in microphones or the ability to plug in a mic via XLR. You're definitely going to want to consider your audio options as part of your videography equipment before attending a paying gig.

Recorder - You are going to need a versatile audio recorder. You want something that has built-in microphones, accepts external microphones, and allows you to plug into a soundboard. If you are working with a great DJ, then you can easily plug into the DJ soundboard (if they let you). Be wary of this, as no two DJs are alike. You could end up getting a terrible mix that you can’t use. Be sure that you have plenty of backups in place as well, like an audio feed to your camera or an additional recorder.

Lighting - You won’t be setting up any three-point lighting during the ceremony or reception. However, you will want something you can use in a pinch. The best option is to use an LED light that you can use on camera, handheld, or on a stand. A small LED light is portable and easy to toss in your bag. Odds are you won’t really need it until the reception. The DJ’s light setup may provide a great look, if not just have a light ready for any low light situations.

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