Unique Wedding Photography

Unique Wedding Photography

Now it’s all very well researching everything there is to know about wedding photography, like what settings should you being using for a certain type of setting, or how to achieve a certain style of photography. The list does go on, just check out our other articles for reference, but in today’s blog post, we’re talking about unique wedding photography. After all, your client(S) are going to want that personalised touch throughout the images you’ve produced for their wedding album. After all sentiment must mean a lot to them otherwise they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of hiring you. So, how can you make their images personalised and unique? Carry on reading to find out...

Unique Wedding Photography #1: The Bride & Groom – One of the most obvious, yet significant parts of photography on the Bride and Groom’s wedding day is of course capturing them as a newly-wed couple. If they’re a little unsure of how to act in front of the camera, you could have a few natural looking, yet subtle pose ideas ready for them to try out, or if they’re a little more confident in front of them camera they may not need much direction as to what to do or how to stand at all. You may be surprised how nervous some people get when they know they’re having their photograph taken, but if that’s the case you could always give a tiny bit of direction while trying to help them forget about the lens pointing in their direction. Why not keep it candid (check out our last tip for more info on that one).

Unique Wedding Photography #2: The Wedding Venue - If your clients are getting married at an unusual wedding venue such as a golf club or winery, try to incorporate this into your Bride and Groom photos. Imagine a shot with the two of them teeing off at the first hole, or sipping a vintage Shiraz perched on a barrel in the wine cellar. Whatever the wedding venue, you are sure to be able to find a quirky aspect to use in your wedding photos.

Unique Wedding Photography #3: Unusual Angels – Angels are your best friend when it comes down to capturing unique looking images. A great idea is to have your camera right underneath the wedding cake as the Bride and Groom are cutting into it so it looks as though the photo is taken from inside the wedding cake. If there is a way for you to capture an image as though your camera is looking down on the couple through the ceremony as they exchange rings, this would be ideal as it would look wonderful from above. However, this idea is only really plausible if you have more than one camera at your disposal and also an assistant to help you out.

Unique Wedding Photography #4: Hollywood Glamour - There is a huge trend for glamorous photo shoot style wedding pictures and many blushing Brides are hoping for the type of photos you see in glossy magazines rather than more traditional bridal poses. This is more of a modern-day way of thinking and it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but you’ve got to adapt with the client and their wishes for their wedding photographs. Think attitude and pouting into the camera rather than gazing lovingly into your husband’s eyes. Like we said, it’s not for everyone, but that’s the kind of direction you may find yourself going for.  

Unique Wedding Photography #5: Keeping It Candid - For something really different, try to get a photo of the Bride and their new Husband all dressed up for the wedding but doing something totally non-wedding related such as crossing the street, posing outside of cool looking buildings or loud backgrounds. These types of photos are unique, with a touch of the modern-day twist to them. They show a lighter side of the wedding day itself and make for some unique wedding photographs.

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