Traditional Wedding Photos

Traditional Wedding Photos

Here at Weddit, we’ve spoken about the many types of photography styles that a wedding photographer can adopt when capturing photographs and of course, in more recent articles, we’ve mentioned the term ‘traditional’ a fair amount. So, for today’s blog post, we’re putting the two together and are going to delve a little deeper into the topic classed as traditional wedding photography, which means that we’re going to be answering questions like; what are traditional wedding photos? How can a wedding photographer achieve this style of imagery and so on? So, stay tuned to find out more...

What’s Tradition? - Let’s start at the beginning and take a look at what the term ‘tradition’ or ‘traditional’ means to everyone and not just to the photographer behind the camera capturing wedding photographs... If something is classed as traditional or is a tradition, it has been long established (which basically means that something has been happening a certain way for a substantial amount of time, thus making it traditional...

What are traditional wedding photos? - Where wedding photography is concerned, there are a few things that wedding photographers commonly do/ look out for no matter how modern or quirky the wedding, because certain things just shouldn’t be changed if they produce the best results - image wise. Typically, the idea of capturing images of the Bride entering the wedding venue and walking down the aisle and meeting her Groom at the end of it is something that a lot of photographers will capture, alongside other image opportunities like; The Bride & Groom at the altar (perhaps reading their vows to one another), the exchanging of the rings, the couple’s first kiss as Husband and Wife, their walk back down the aisle together as they leave the venue, couple photos after leaving the venue, group photographs (with friends, especially those who were apart of the wedding service, family members and with each other alone as a pair of course.  

This style of wedding photography consists of mainly posed portrait type photographs where the Bride and Groom and their guests are encouraged to look at the camera. These shots are normally directed by the photographer who tells the subjects where to stand how to stand where to face place their hands etc. However, purely capturing a wedding with traditional wedding photos is rare these days as almost all photographers will be taking non-directed, non-posed or candid shots at some point during the day alongside this style of photography for a mix of images. In photography, the style of capturing traditional wedding photos is commonly referred to by another name and this name is ‘Documentary Wedding Photography’ which we have actually spoken about here at Weddit before. Feel free to check out that article for further information on this style of wedding photography, but for now, let's come back to the article at hand...

Traditional Wedding Photographers - A traditional photographer captures traditional wedding photographs, as they generally treat every single image as a posed portrait throughout their images. Sometimes, this is done so well that you may be under the impression that certain shots are candid, but perhaps they are not! However, it’s important to understand that their photographs will appear forced or posed, but that there will likely be few spontaneous “action shots” included in the mix with their pre-posed images, where guests are encouraged to look directly at the camera. Traditional wedding photographers look to capture perfect moments with artistry and dignity and generally produce excellent, albeit formulaic, shots of the wedding party, families, and planned events.  

As we’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts (where we’ve discussed the types of photography to choose from), photographers can either go with the flow and capture in the way that the client wants or that they feel comfortable in for the setting of the wedding, or they can adopt one particular style of imagery and master it! Traditional wedding photography is a style, much like the others we have talked about before, but this is a special kind of style, as it’s one that most if not all wedding photographers will use for the majority of their pictures or have at least tried out at some point. It’s likely that traditional wedding photos will come into a wedding gig at some point, no matter how modern or quirky.

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