The Groom Getting Ready Photography Ideas

The Groom Getting Ready Photography Ideas

A wedding day is just as much the Groom’s day as it is the Bride’s. So, as the photographer, it’s your job to make sure that you’re allowing yourself time throughout the wedding day schedule to take photographs of the Groom as well as the Bride during the day. So, for today’s article, we’re going to be focusing on the Groom getting ready for their wedding day and few of the photography ideas that we have to help you along in this area.

In a previous article here at Weddit, we talked about a few of our best Groom picture ideas that you can capture throughout their wedding day. So, if you’re a little stuck for ideas or want some inspiration, be sure to take a look at that post for a few. The difference between that article and that one is that in this article, we’re going to be focusing on photographs of the Groom getting ready before the ceremony. So, if you want to hear a few of our picture ideas for the Groom getting ready, then just keep on reading this post!

How To Photograph Images Of The Groom Getting Ready - Generally, wedding photographers tend to focus a little more on the finishing stages of the men (who are involved in the ceremony) getting ready. The interaction, camaraderie, and emotion between them make for great images. The excitement, joy, joking, playfulness and even nerves are genuine, real, authentic feelings. These are wonderful photographic memories to bestow and share on screen.

Male wedding attire is not always easy to put on, so having someone to help out is often easier for the Groom. The person helping your Groom is likely to be a best friend, brother, father, or someone important to them, so the adjusting or help given with a bow-tie, cuff-links or braces are moments that you can easily photograph and you can capture the feelings and spontaneity between your subjects.

The Groom Getting Ready (Idea 1): Suiting Up - Just like it is for the Bride, a Groom putting on his tux for their wedding day is just as significant as it is for the Bride as she puts on her wedding gown for the big day! So, it makes sense to capture a photograph of these moments doesn’t it? The Groom will more than likely be feeling a little nervous, but mostly excited, awaiting to see his beautiful Bride walk down the aisle and commit herself to a life with him. So, it’s a pretty big deal, right? Well, try to capture those positive emotions on screen throughout your images as he puts on his tux, looks at his reflection in the mirror and fixes his bow tie.

Sometimes these moments will happen naturally. We call them ‘candid’ images. But if they don’t appear to be too picturesque or worthy of a photo album, you can always give the Groom a little direction for his poses and then shoot them straight away! A nice idea would be to have the Groom’s best man or one of his best men help him out with his tie or jacket. A wedding day is just as much about friends and family celebrating their loved one’s marriage, as it is about the couple tying the knot. These leads up nicely onto our next point...

The Groom Getting Ready (Idea 2): The Groom - Now, this one may seem a little obvious, but as important as the candid shots of the friends and family are alongside the Groom, at some point, it’ll be your job to say, ‘okay so, I just need some of you now’. These images can be taken in a portrait style if that fits in with the Bride and Groom’s wishes and of course the wedding theme itself. We’re talking classy, minimalist, almost serious looking (or at least more serious looking images) of the Groom by himself.

In these photographs, the tux and details of his ensemble should be at the focus of the camera’s attention. Smaller attributes like his cuff-links, bow tie and shoes should be picked up on camera. These are the images for detail, as the others throughout the ceremony and the rest of the wedding day will be based upon candid activity, moving subjects and group photographs. So, the time to shine is now.

The Groom Getting Ready (Idea 3): The Best Man (Or Men) & Groom’s Men - As we said, a couple’s wedding day traditionally involves the friends and family of both the Bride and Groom. So, it only makes sense that their happiness for the couple should be captured throughout your images. If you specifically need to direct the Groom and his Best Man (or men) into shot, then by all means do it! Just get a few photographs of them together, maybe having a glass of champagne or cheersing each other. If you don’t have champagne to work with, a good old fashioned ‘I’m so happy for you photo” will do the trick. Don’t forget about the Groom’s Men! That’s right, that’s the rest of the Groom’s party...

With the Groom’s Men, you typically have fewer options for photography poses, but group shots are always a nice touch to the Groom’s photograph segment from the day itself. They should have a stag like feel or look to them in the sense that all of the lads are together, but without the rowdiness and crazy antics. These photographs have to be elegant and classy so, we hope that you’ve been working on your directing skills, because you’re going to need it with these guys!

The Groom Getting Ready (Idea 4): The Groom’s Family – Don't forget about the Groom’s family, this can take part at any point during the day. In fact, it usually happens after the Groom has already gotten married, but it’s completely up to your couple what they want. It’s not unheard of for the Groom to have photographs with his Mother, Father and siblings (if applicable) before the ceremony itself. Of course, as many weddings go, there isn’t always a lot of time before the ceremony for images, so this one may have to wait until later. But still, it’s worth mentioning as many wedding photographers focus on the Bride and her immediate family but what about the Groom’s?  

What do you think about our ideas of the Groom getting ready? Start the discussion below or join us on Instagram and tell us what you think!

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