Starting a Photography Business

Starting A Photography Business

So you're starting a photography business. Whether you’re an experienced photographer, or completely new to the business, it can be hard to know where to start. In this post we’ll share some tips for getting going on your new photography business venture.

1. Assistant an experienced wedding photographer

A great way to starting a photography business would be to assist and experience wedding photographer. Do some searching and reach out to wedding photographers that inspire you. Professional wedding photographers are always looking for second shooters to assist them on a wedding day. This is a great way to gain experience in the wedding world and learn from someone who already does it professionally. You’ll pick up invaluable tips on everything from how to photograph a wedding ceremony, shooting wedding portraits. You will learn how to handle different lighting situations; the list of all the details you can learn by observing how they work and working alongside them. There are so many reasons its a great idea to second shoot with an established professional wedding photographer.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to a wedding photographer who’s work you admire, everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid of rejection, its part of the game, and stay positive and keep reaching out.

2. Do a few free or low cost shoots

If you want to kick start your wedding photography business, start shooting weddings very cheaply or even for free. Whatever work you do for free you eventually get paid for in growing your portfolio, getting new contacts, having your clients recommend you to friends, and in experience. Starting out working for free, or for a much smaller amount than most photographers, allows you to grow your price steadily and work your way up the paid ranks. If you set your minimum prices too high too soon, your prices might stifle the flow of new clients, and your chances to grow faster within the industry. Get out there and shoot, the money will come.

3. Buy some quality equipment

Starting a photography business with the essentials, keep it simple to start, and try renting gear that you’d like to test out or can’t yet afford to buy.

An example of a basic kit for shooting a wedding could include:

  • A good dslr camera (The Canon 5d III & IV are very popular),
  • An external flash (they’re much more adjustable and powerful than the built-in flash your camera may have),
  • A great all round lens (something versatile with a good range of focal lengths to cut down on time spent changing lenses),
  • Plenty of memory cards (better to have extra space than to run out during a shoot),
  • Multiple batteries for both your camera and your flash,
  • A good camera bag to protect your investment and keep your gear organized and ready to go (holster bags can be great for quickly getting the camera out to catch a shot, as long as you don’t need a lot of storage),

4. Photography website building platform 

For your wedding photography business you don’t need to spend thousands on your own website. If you do need a way to get your portfolio online for clients to see, you have options. There are excellent photography website building platforms out there these days that can give you the look of a custom site without you having to pay a web designer to build it for you. They are easy to use, very affordable, and they don’t require maintenance. One excellent photography website building platform is MyPix, they only make sites for photographers, their designs are super modern and simple and are fully customizable in minutes, where you are able to combine your client proofing right with your site, where you don't have to use a separate website and proofing company.. But to touch quickly on this, you want to engage with your clients on Instagram, Facebook, make blog posts, share with friends and family; do whatever you can to get yourself out there when starting a photography business.

5. Prime your editing skills

In the beginning of your your wedding photography business, editing wedding photos can be difficult. It’s hard to know the best way to do things and find your style. Tutorials can be a great way to learn, and we have a selection of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials here on our site. We recommend using Photoshop and Lightroom, as these programs have everything you’ll need as a wedding photographer. You can get the Adobe Creative Cloud photography package for $9.99 a month, and that will give you Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, and keep you in the latest versions of each as they come out. If you are looking to hire the best wedding photo editor, look no further than weddit!! We provide a high quality wedding photo editing service.

Wedding photo editing service

To get started with our wedding photo editing service, you can create an account here. 

Photo + editing credit: All images in this blog post edited by the team here at Weddit and photographed by Lukas Griffin. 

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