Social Media Plan

Social media plan

In this day and age, having a strong social media presence is extremely vital for the success of and wedding photography business. As with any other form of marketing, social media marketing can be difficult and growing an audience can be a slow process and people often give up after a short time if they are not seeing quick results. Having a solid social media plan, is a great way to start, as we have found it can take a year for your following to start gaining momentum. In this 'social media plan' post we will share some great tips that will help you create brand awareness, drive traffic and book more weddings. Here’s some tips to get you started on building a social media plan:

1. Be consistent & Committed

Even prior to beginning your social media plan, remember that gaining a social media presence can take time, commitment and a lot of work. Millions of followers will not just arrive after a few weeks, it works that way for a few, but for most of us it doesn't and it will take time and consistent effort to establish. You don't want to get bored and frustrated, and eventually give up, so before you set out, remember you will have to invest time and energy and have some patience. Consistency is king and you will have to power through even when you feel like it is moving slowly. And in time your following will start to build and in time all your hard work will definitely pay off.

2. Only share your best images

With every social media platform you use, you should only share your best wedding and engagement photographs. Use the social media platforms to highlight your photos and show future clients what you will give them. Using average images dilutes your work. tip: be sure to use a wedding post production company like Weddit to make sure all your images have a consistent look for your social platforms. 

3. #Hashtags

Use hashtags everywhere! (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc) It’s important you use hashtags that are focused to the kind of wedding clients you are looking for. Don't be afraid to check out what other more established wedding photographers are doing, this can give you some great hash tag ideas. Always remember to hashtag the location, #yourlocationphotographer #yourlocationwedding. This will help people and hopefully new clients find you easier. For examples. #sandiegowedding #sandiegoweddingphotographer etc. Also make sure you hash tag and link in any vendors and venues, the more collaboration the better.

4. Choose the social network that suits you best

When deciding on a social media plan, first decide on where your efforts are best spent. Instagram is great for us photographers for obvious reason. If we are trying to attract new portrait or wedding clients, our time maybe better spent here rather than lets sat linked-in. Rather than spread yourself to thinly across all social networks, try and be strong in the ones you choose. Where do your potential clients hang out, basically spend your time in the right places. And instagram is great place to start for any wedding photographer.

5. Add social buttons

Having social share buttons encourages visitors to share your post/image on social media, so you reach a larger audience. Make it easy for them to share by having these cute little buttons! Add social media buttons to your wedding photography website. You can also add links back to your website in your instagram profile and facebook posts.

6. Create Instagram stories

Don’t forget to post stories on your Instagram! They allow you to personalize you and your brand a bit more by posting fun polls or creative videos.

7. Build a strategy

Once you figure out who your audience is, you can start to build a game plan for each social platform and how you’ll connect with clients. Make sure to keep in mind that each platform equires a slightly different strategy (most platforms have different algorithms)

8.Relevant hashtags

Here are a few wedding photography hashtags to get you started:

#weddingdress #weddingplanner #chicwedding #herecomesthebride #bridalparty #canon #nikon #weddingcake #bridalphotos #theknot #weddingchics #weddingwire #themedwedding #marthastewartweddings #greeenweddingshoes #stylemepretty #vogueweddings #weddingdress #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #groomsman #weddingflowers #weddingday #weddinginspiration #weddingdecor #weddingseason #weddingphotos #fineartwedding #fineartphotography #bride #brideandgroom #groom #realwedding #weddingideas #weddingshoes #weddingfashion #weddingblog #vintagewedding #modernwedding #rusticwedding #weddingdetails #weddingpictures #luxurywedding #trashthedress #gettingready #weddingreception #weddingceremony #weddingexit #weddingexitideas #weddingexitinspiration #weddingmakeupinspiration #weddingflowerinspiration #weddinginviteinspiration #destinationweddings #weddingbouquet #weddingflowers #happilyeverafter #weddingrings #diywedding #diyweddingideas 

Wedding photo editing service

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All images by Lukas Griffin.

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