SEO For Photographers

SEO for photographers

In this post, we will discuss SEO for photographers. SEO, or search engine optimizations is a term to explain the idea of enhancing your website to make it more discoverable to the right people in search engines like Google. Search engine robots crawl on your website all the time. They determine what information can be found on your site and if its reliable and popular. So, whether you’re targeting a certain type of customer, or trying to get more bookings, here are Weddit’s top 5 SEO tips every wedding photographer should know, to help getting you on track for getting great SEO, and start climbing the ranks on Google!..

SEO for photographers: 5 top tips every wedding photographer should know:

1.Have a fast website

Did you know that Google will dock you if your website is slow? The average time it takes for a site to load is 5 seconds! Being a photographer, that means having many images on your website, so this is a tough reality to face. The easiest way to do this is resize your images, and make sure they are optimized for the web. You can do this via Lightroom when you export your photos. Or if they are already exported you can use JPEGmini.  You can then check the load speed of your site using Google's: PageSpeed Insights.

2.Create Great Content

This one seems obvious but it’s easy to forget. Here are some things to look out for when creating new content:

          - Optimize your images. Make sure when uploading images, you are making alt text. Alt text should be specific to each image. For example, if the image is a bridal portrait from a wedding in Tulum, you might want to update your alt text to “Tulum wedding bridal portrait” instead of just “Cancun wedding” head over to the Moz keyword planner and you can see the statistics of how many people type in each word and phrase.

          - Pictures aren’t always worth thousand words. Try to add 300 words to your wedding blog posts Describe what’s happening in your images. You can talk about your favorite parts of the wedding, a funny story about the bride and groom, or the gorgeous venue. Be sure to throw in some keywords and outbound links Google loves this!

3.Social Media Share-ability 

The next tip for SEO for photographers is social media sharing. It is so incredibly important that your content is easy to share. You can do this by including social media sharing buttons on your posts. You can also spread the word by sending newsletters to clients about print or shoot sales. If you post a wedding on Facebook, don’t forget to tag the bride and groom. Make sure you use all the big players, including Instagram, Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.

4.Have a mobile friendly site

Having a website that works great on mobile is essential, as Google scores you for your mobile optimization. According to Google, more than 50 percent of searches come from a mobile device. So that means more than half the people that view your website view it on their phones! Be sure to make sure your site is mobile friendly. You can learn more about how to do this here: Mobile Friendly Test. Use a site builder like MyPix to get an awesome site, that will be optimized for the web.

5.Make sure your links work

Everyone hates browsing on a site, clicking a link that piques your interest only to see the obnoxious “404 redirected page” And it turns out Google hates this too. Broken links translates to Google that your site isn’t credible. Siteliner can detect broken links on your site. If you have any broken links just be sure to find and update them.'

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Photo credit: All images in this blog post by Lukas Griffin.

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