Rehearsal Dinner Traditions

Rehearsal Dinner Traditions

A common question that many photographers have (who are interested in shooting weddings) is ‘Is it necessary to shoot a rehearsal dinner?’. Ultimately the answer is no, of course this is down to the mutual agreement that you have with your client, but shooting at a rehearsal dinner is not compulsory, however it will present photographic opportunities to you (the photographer) which you may not be so lucky to capture on the happy couple’s wedding day. So, let’s learn about wedding rehearsal dinner traditions and the moments that you could capture on screen.

The Importance Of Rehearsal Dinner Traditions - A rehearsal dinner will be amazing no matter what (with or without a photographer), but it’s your job as the photographer to capture those moments forever on camera. A pro can document the laughs, tears and good times like no one else can and this would be your opportunity to do just that. You may know this already, but bear with us while we talk to those out there you don’t... some professional photographers create a photography package that includes rehearsal dinner coverage, as opposed to having the rehearsal dinner coverage as a separate add on (which will of course cost more) just because people may not go for it, but in actual fact, many married couples actually express regret at the thought of not having professional photos or videos of their intimate evening before their "I dos" taken. Now it is too late and that’s something they’ll have to accept, but you can offer this service as a part of your services to the newly engaged. Try to help the Bride and Groom see why the rehearsal dinner is an important part of the wedding to capture.

Follow Rehearsal Dinner Traditions - As special as the wedding day is for every couple, there’s something undeniably magical about the energy in the room the night before the main event. This meal is often a little more relaxed. Your wedding ceremony photos will feel a little more formal and well, ceremonious so, your reception photos will convey relief and euphoria. The rehearsal dinner photos, however, will capture those happy, nervous jitters and intangible feelings of excitement from your happy couple and all their loved ones. Also, the guest list actually switches up the photo opportunities that you will have...

Think of it this way, the rehearsal dinner guest list is usually pared down to your client’s absolute nearest and dearest. The list is often made up of family members, longtime friends and the wedding party. Use this opportunity to get a photo of everyone, especially if your client has a huge family. Come the wedding day, you’ll likely be pulled in a hundred different directions while time flies by, and you don’t want to miss a photo opportunity with, say, the grandmother who flew across the country to be there and wants to leave the reception at 9 p.m. The rehearsal dinner is also a great time to meet, or at least see from afar, any key players you'll need to shoot at the wedding such as parents, god parents, wedding party members' plus-ones, extra-special childhood friends and beloved aunts and uncles.

You’ll have so many opportunities to capture and photograph the happy couple alongside their favourite people at the rehearsal dinner. Speeches, toasts and memorable moments at the wedding, no doubt will be included, but rehearsal dinner speeches, given by any number of loved ones, including parents, friends and even the couple, are often slightly less formal and even more emotional (which make for memorable photographs). You will be able to document the happy tears, the uncontrollable laughter and other sweet, candid moments before your clients are officially married. Trust us, your husband and wife to be will want to remember these moments forever! If you’ve enjoyed reading about rehearsal dinner traditions, why not check out some more of our articles? Check out the links below!

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