Professional Photographer Camera Choice Part 2

Professional Photographer Camera Choice Part 2

Hello! Welcome back to our blog here at Weddit. If you’re a regular reader, or indeed if you’re new then welcome! It’s always great to let more of you into our corner on the world wide web. We're super glad you’ve found us! So, today, we’re going to jump straight back into the topic at hand (that’s right... back), because yesterday’s article was all about the common professional photographer camera choice among freelance professionals and we’ve got a few more points to make on the subject before we’re finished on the subject. If you want to read the first part of the article you can do so here (Professional Photographer Camera Choice Part 1) and of course to read the second instalment of our post, check out our article below!

Professional Photographer Camera Choice (Potential Zoom) - Canon makes the world's best new pro full-frame telephoto zoom lenses. The 100-400mm IS L II, which focusses closer than any other pro 70-200mm, and goes all the way to 400mm with one twist of the wrist. Ho handy is that when you’re capturing photos from across the venue? Not only are you set for any kind of distance (which is super convenient) but you’ll no longer be that photographer who has to learn how to juggle their equipment. You know the ones who swap lenses that are larger than life, yet they don’t have a free hand. Having to move quickly is vital because that shot won’t present itself again so, you’re all set with a lens like this. The 100-400 focuses so closely it probably replaces your macro lens. One 100-400mm and you're done.

If you want a do-everything wide-to-long-tele zoom, only Nikon makes two 18-300mm lenses and an 18-200mm lens for its cropped-sensor cameras. All these Nikon lenses allow instant manual-focus override simply by moving the focus ring (this is super handy for wedding photographers!), but Canon makes only one excellent 18-135 STM lens. It's superb, but only has half the range of the Nikons. What can we say? You win some, you lose some, that’s just how it goes sometimes right?!

Professional Photographer Camera Choice (Wide Angle Shots & Flash Control) - For ultra-ultra-wides, Canon makes the world's widest: the 126º 11-24mm. There's nothing else like it on Earth — and Canon makes the world's only combined circular and full-frame 8-15mm fisheye zoom. So, if you’re looking for a lens capable of an ultra-wide shot, there’s nothing quite like what Canon has to offer. Go Canon!

Years ago, Nikon's flash system was the only really good one for film in the 1980s and 1990s, and for digital in the 2000s. Canon has come a long way, and now you can get great flash-fill automatically with both Canons and Nikons, so there are no worries there! Any Canon that has been produced since 2012 is fantastic for flash-fill. So, there’s a little food for thought when it comes down to wedding photography. Want to learn about flash photography? Check out our article!

Professional Photographer Camera Choice (Camera Chargers) - Now this may seem like a pretty irrelevant thing to consider, but actually we think it’s worth mentioning because being a wedding photographer requires a lot of planning and organising so, the last thing any photographer needs is fuss from his/ her equipment. There is a noticeable difference between Nikon and Canon chargers and this may be why professionals tend to sway towards Canon for their cameras. Let’s take a look into this further...

According to many pros, Canon does it the right way. All you have to do is: flip out the plug, pop it in the wall, and it blinks in amber letting you read the battery charge percentage from across the room. One amber blink = 0 ~ 50%, two blinks = 50 ~ 75%, three blinks = 75 ~ 99% and it turns solid green when it’s fully charged. Perfect! Nikon's chargers usually require you find and carry a separate cord or foolish stubby plug. Worse, they blink in amber while charging with no indication of charge state, and when done, simply glow solid — still in amber. Maybe we’re being a little picky, but wedding photographers will shoot a lot and we really appreciate well done one-piece charger over having to find a cord every time a photographer wants to use his/ her camera. Do you agree? If you’ve found these articles helpful or even have a few points to add on to what we’ve thought of here, either comment below or connect with us on social media! You can find us on Instagram here (

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