Professional Photographer Camera Choice Part 1

Professional Photographer Camera Choice Part 1

Did you know that 80% of professional photographers are thought to use Canon cameras over the other types of brands out there? Well, it’s true and while not everyone is an avid Canon lover, there are some who swear by Canon cameras in order to get their job done. So, in today’s article, we’re going to be looking at the typical professional photographer camera choice and why Canon cameras have the votes of many professional wedding photographers.

Professional Photographer Camera Choice (Canon & Nikon) - In a previous article, we’ve talked about the best types of camera bodies and lenses which wedding photographers often gravitate towards when purchasing a new camera, but in that list, there will always be space for multiple Canon models, purely because they’re a popular choice made by wedding photographers alike. So, when it comes down to talking about the typical professional photographer camera choice, Canon cameras always seem to one of them. To be completely honest, the real competition in the camera world is between Canon and Nikon cameras. So, let’s start with a more basic question, which camera is better for professional use, a Canon or a Nikon?

The Lenses (Canon & Nikon) - Let’s face it, the lenses are one of a wedding photographer’s biggest interests as the camera lens attached to the device will either make or break the shot. There are real differences, and depending on what lens you want, this may cinch it for you so, let’s talk about it! Both brands make equally excellent full frame pro lenses, however for APS-C and general use each make some unique lenses not made by the other. Depending on what's more important to you, this may help you to make a professional Photographer Camera Choice and decide which side of the fence you’re on - Canon or Nikon.

In all honesty, neither brand makes all the best lenses when it comes down to what you may want. They both have their weaker areas as well as their stronger ones. If you want one lens to cover everything from wide to 300mm, Nikon is your only choice, but if you want the new state-of-the art telephoto and macro combo, only Canon makes the 100-400mm that focuses closer than 3 feet. Both long distance and up-close ranging lenses would be beneficial for a wedding gig so, make sure that you do your research before purchasing both your camera and/ or lens.

Both Nikon and Canon make equally superb lenses like 50mm, 16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm zooms, and they are all excellent! There isn't that much difference between the two in their top pro lenses so long as each is capable of what you need to use it for. Both make about the same range of crazy lenses, like tilt-shifts, 24mm f/1.4s and 135mm f/2s. So, you’ll definitely find what you need by searching between the two brands, but sometimes you may find yourself hopping on both side of the narrow fence to accumulate your equipment. Canon can be classed as expensive. All professional cameras do take a bite out of your pay cheque, but this is just something that’s commonly associated with some of the Canon models and that’s just a fact.

Canon VS Nikon - Well let’s see, quality videos can be shot on both types of camera, but Canon cameras typically have a smoother autofocus and offer different lenses specifically for cinema (but we don’t really need to focus on that point, unless you’re into wedding videography). When choosing between camera brands, it's best to compare each camera individually, rather than where the camera is from when making your professional Photographer Camera Choice. If you’re a beginner in the world of professional wedding photography, we recommend that you go for either the; Canon T6i, Canon Rebel SL1, Canon 5D Mark III or the Canon 6D for your first model.

If you’re a little more advanced and have experience in the wedding photography field, then a pro camera is the camera for you. Technically all of these cameras are ‘pro cameras’ but some are a little more advanced than others and it would take a true pro to learn about the camera and how to achieve the best results with it. Period. So, the Canon EOS 1DX and the Nikon D4S are pro cameras. Yes, we’ve thrown a Nikon in there because the competition is tight! Lots of professionals use them as well as Canon cameras, so these are just a handful of our model recommendations.

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