Posing Tips For A Bride

Posing Tips For A Bride

Hello and welcome to our blogging space here at Weddit! We love welcoming more of you over onto our blog and since there will be a few newbies over on our platform, we feel that we should introduce ourselves to you guys! For the rest of you who have been with us for a while, you can jump ahead to the next paragraph. So, first and foremost we are a wedding blog (for photographers), so that means that we like to talk about things that would help wedding photographers out during their gigs. Whether you need help shooting a portrait session (of the Bride or Groom) or want to know what camera settings to use during the wedding ceremony, we’ve got your back. You’ll find a vast number of articles written on the blog feed page so, you should check those out if you need some help with your photography. If you’ve got a question, chances are we’ve answered it in one of our articles so, be sure to have a good look through, won’t you?

Wedding photography isn’t all we write about though, that’s just the majority of articles we care to write about. Other topics include portrait sessions (family and baby so far), your digital rights as the photographer, image editing software, using Instagram to your advantage (as a photographer), building your portfolio, our photography tips and styles (which you can shoot in), videography insight, equipment lists and terminology which you will find very useful.

In today’s article, we are going to be walking along the lines of a typical wedding article, but this one will help you out when you’re photographing the blushing Bride in her wedding gown. So, enjoy our posing tips for a Bride...

We’ve touched upon the topic of Bride & Groom Poses before, but today’s tips are just for the Bride. We’re going to be focusing on capturing waistlines, thighs and bust-lines in a flattering way in today’s article. So, shall we begin with waistlines?

Posing Tips for A Bride N0.1: Waistlines - Here’s a quick posing tip if your client is a little conscious of their waistline during the Bridal photo shoot (which isn’t an uncommon worry amongst Brides). After all, it is their wedding pictures, which will last forever so, it’s no wonder that it’s important to them to look and feel beautiful throughout their images. It’s your role as the photographer to direct them so that the image is both flattering and elegant.

A lot of Bride’s will want their waistline to appear a little narrower than it really is (we’d put that down to about 90% of Brides). So, it’s a pretty common request and a big deal! So, this is how you achieve that look... Ask the Bride to rotate their upper body slightly at the waist and you’ll find that it gives the impression of a thinner tummy area. It’s amazing what a simple twist can do! This is a popular technique with many red-carpet celebrities too!

Posing Tips for A Bride N0.2: Thighs - Another popular “red-carpet” pose involves celebrities crossing one leg over in front of the other one. This has the effect of narrowing the thigh region a little so, who says you can’t try this tip out during your Bridal sessions with your clients? It’s elegant and flattering, which is just what we are looking for here!

Posing Tips for A Bride N0.3: Bust-lines - Lastly, if you want to emphasise the bust-line of your subject, get them to arch their shoulders back a little. This action naturally pushes the chest out a touch. Of course, combining these three techniques in the one shot can also leave your subject looking quite silly and needing a trip to the chiropractor! Use them with moderation or you’ll end up with a very unnatural looking pose and a Bride in discomfort. Less is always more!

So, what did you think about our tips? They’re super simple and easy to direct, but they’re very effective on screen! You should give them a go on your next shoot. Why not keep up with us on Facebook? Come and say hello or start a conversation below!

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