Photography Questions

Photography Questions

5 Questions That You'll Be Asked As A Wedding Photographer

Question #1: Have you ever shot at my wedding venue before? - A lot of your clients will ask you this question in a roundabout way. 'Have you shot at my chosen wedding location before?' Or 'Which locations have you shot at in the past?' E.c.t at the end of the day, all your client is really asking is, what's your experience with location shooting? This is where you tell your client how you make the most out of your surroundings throughout the images that you produce. After all, this is what they are hiring you for, so you have to be good at being creative with angles, visualising photo spots and putting a bunch of people together at a certain stage to make a great photo with the location that your client has chosen.

It may be useful if you have wedding albums to show your clients as an example of your work. This will help your client to get an idea of the sort and style of photos you will produce, it also makes it a little easier as the photographer if your answer is yes to this photography question. You will already know those great little spots for beautiful couple shots. If you haven’t then there is no need to worry, the happy couple may wish to go and check out the venue again beforehand or get there a little earlier to have a walk around and you could ask to come along. Use this time to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and become inspired as to what images you could capture at this particular wedding.

Question #2: Can I request certain images to be taken? - The answer to this one has always got to be yes! If there are some family photos that the Bride would like to be taken, let her tell you! If she or indeed he (The Groom) has any specific requests be sure to meet them to the best of your ability. In fact, it's always professional to ask this question yourself and put it to your client. That way you'll be giving your clients a personal touch and freedom to make their own decisions and you as the wedding photographer will have the answer to your photography question well in advance. Just make sure that they have a list ready so that you know exactly what you're doing. The Bride & Groom may want some shots with their parents, the rest of the family, large group shots e.c.t Make sure you let your client know a rough plan of how their wishes will take place on the day. To help you out on the wedding day, you could ask your client beforehand about having someone to help round up the people when the shots are going to be done, ideally a member of their immediate family.

Question #3: How many hours are included in your package? - As the wedding photographer, it's your job to ensure the Bride & Groom are getting everything captured that they want at their wedding. Plan out the day and the timings and ensure your schedule is there to help you capture it all. Your client is likely to check how many hours are included in a full day's coverage, but if they don't ask, this is something that you should mention in that very first/ initial meeting. If your client has no idea how many hours they are going to need you for, get them to think about the day in sections e.g. Do they want a photographer to get photos of them and their Bridesmaids getting ready? Do they want the photographer to be around to capture their first dance? Get them to think about how many hours you will be needed for and schedule your working day accordingly to cover it all and provide answers to the common photography questions asked.

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Question #4: How many photos should I receive from my wedding? - A photographer could take over one thousand images on the day but your client won’t see all of them, so do let your client know about how many photographs they should expect to receive once edited of course. You can read more about this and why wedding photographers won’t give you unedited photos here.

Question #5: How long after the wedding should it take until I see my photos? - Once your working day is over and you've come away from the wedding, you should then begin to edit the photographs which you have taken. You should have hundreds of images to choose from and of course the images which you edit will need to be cropped, edited and others will be removed from the running to ensure that you are left with the best images that tell the perfect story of the happy couple's wedding day. This can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks, but this will vary from job to job and photographer to photographer, so there really is no standard answer when responding to this photography question. Just make sure that you think everything through before giving an answer, because once you've given one, you've got to stick to that deadline.

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