Photography Marketing

Photography Marketing

Photography marketing is something all of us wedding photographers have had to think about at some point, we all face the same dilemma, that if we are busy photographing clients, working on our website and bogged down with all the editing, then where will we find the time to market our business and increase out brand awareness? And above all that, what even is the best way to market? First of alI, if we want to drive more traffic to our photography website and gain more of the right type of clients, you will first need a solid photography marketing plan. In this blog post we will break down the different areas that you can target, don't get overwhelmed, as we know Rome was not built in a day, so like with anything else, consistency is your king, work smart and tackle your marketing week by week, you will become stronger and stronger as each week passes. Definitely experiment, try new and different things, eventually you will find out what works best for you.

Here are some top tips by Weddit to get you started with a great photography marketing plan.

1. Firstly Take care of your clients

Your existing wedding photography clients can be your best marketers; they will tell friends, family, and co-workers about their experience with you if it is a good one, especially when they know someone who’s planning a wedding of their own, you will be the first person they think of. As a wedding photographer, one of your goals is to book clients that are ideal for your photography business. Taking care of these clients is an important part of growing your business. A great way to do this is make real connections with your clients, clients are friends and friends are clients.

2. Build relationships with vendors and wedding planners

Creating a positive, long-term relationships with your wedding planners and vendors is a very important way to maintain, and grow, your wedding photography business. Be professional, sincere, and friendly when reaching out to planners and meeting with vendors; but don’t be afraid to show them your personality (or maybe some of your new work). Recommendations by wedding planners are one of the best ways to get new wedding clients.

3. Photograph a blogger or influencer

Reach out to your favorite content creator and ask if they’d like some personal or family portraits done. Although not wedding related, this will give you exposure and increase your notoriety as a wedding photographer. You’re putting yourself out there, but you can’t let yourself be afraid of rejection. Just keep at it! All this can be a big help to you wedding photography marketing and business.

4. Send a wedding book to venues

Building a relationship with venues for weddings can be another great way to build your client base. Create a physical sample album to act as a it’s own advertisement for your business, and send it along to your favorite venues. The book you create can show off your personal style and give couples visiting the venue a chance to see your work. By sending venues a book of photos taken at an event they hosted, you effectively allow them to show off both their space and your work at the same time. It is an awesome way to help with your wedding photography marketing.

5. Meet with clients in person

Creating a good first impression with a potential Bride and Groom, can make or break the booking a wedding package,  look to meet in an environment that’s comfortable for you will help you to be able to control how your present yourself to your wedding clients. If you’re able to rent out a space, decorate it in a way that fits your personal aesthetic. If you can use a room in your home, make the space comfortable, but clutter-free. Bringing clients into a space in which you’re comfortable will build your confidence, and that will show in your meetings.

6. Consider "à la carte" pricing

The way that you structure your pricing can have a big effect on how quickly you grow your business. By pricing thing A La Carte, you allow for clients to create a customized service package that fits their needs. And by being flexible in your pricing, you can open yourself to a lot more business. A great effect of using this sort of pricing scheme is that when clients have the opportunity to customize what services they want, they tend to actually end up paying more than they might for service package that you’ve designed on your own.

7. Consistent blogging

Starting a blog can give your clients a window into your personality and to how you treat existing clients. Take a few notes throughout the day while at a shoot and you can make very personalized posts that couples will want to read and share. This can act as another great way for you to build out your client base, as it’s effectively free advertising. As a wedding photographer, your blog is a great marketing tool if used correctly, and can drive more traffic to your site and result in new clients and more brand awareness. 

The potential audience online is huge, brides are looking for venues, dresses, wedding photographers, florists, wedding planners and an array of other things. Google will crawl the keywords you use in your blog post and overall website, and depending on the quality of the article, the site speed, the amount of time a user spends on your site and a few other factors, you will climb the rankings, you can learn more in depth on how SEO works here.  If you are using wordpress, defiantly install the plugin Yoast, it will be super helpful for making sure your blog post is optimized the best way. Yoast uses a red and green light system to make sure you are on track with your content. 

For finding keywords, you can use moz keyword planner, this way you can see what people are typing into the search engines each month. Moz allows you 20 free searches a month, so use them wisely. You can also try Google keyword planner too, which is also great. Once you have found a keyword that you want to use in for your blog, use that keyword as your title and use it a few times in the blog lost too.

It is going to be difficult to blog every day, so set yourself goals and targets, like maybe 2 a week. As we have said before the most important aspect is to work smart and consistently. Your clients and followers will look forward to your new blogs and you will start to gain momentum. If you are a wedding photographer, maybe you should blog after every wedding, the accumulation of the keywords and blog post will be invaluable in the future, and you will be investing in your website.

Simple breakdown..

1. Be consistent: Aim for 2 blogs a week.

2. MOZ: Use Moz keyword planner to find the best keywords.

3. Blog weddings: Blog after every wedding with at least 300 words

8. Set up free shoots

I know some photographers disagree with this, yet I think this is one of the most under-rated tricks for growing as a photographer. What you do for free you will eventually get paid for, as clients tell friends and their friends become new clients and slowly you can increase your prices. It’s a way for you to show your work and build your portfolio, so get out there and photograph, call friends, contact bloggers, influencers, stop people in the street; do whatever it takes to take more pictures, which will ultimately increase your client base, brand awareness and of course your skill level. If the work is not coming in, don’t wait around, just get out there and shoot and this can be a great asset to your photography marketing.

9. Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your existing clients. You can use mail chimp to send out emails to not only your clients but also your existing contacts and friends and family. Even if its just to say hey check out my latest work. It does not have to be complicated, just a way of keeping people up to date with your brand, business and latest shoots. You can collect email their right from your website and transfer it automatically with mail chimp. You can do a give away, or offer a discount in the low season, or even offer a special for the holiday season. Include a clickable link in your email, one of your main goals will be to get them to your website, to give them a better experience, where they can learn more about your services, get to know you and view you latest work.

10. Social media

Of course social media is huge, Facebook has over 1 billion users, Instagram over 200 million. So there is huge client potential there. first of all be a real person on social media, be authentic and use interesting content and show your best work. Definitely actively engage, comment and like often, and defiantly use hashtags, this is a great way to get more followers. Link your social media pages right to your website, and don't forget google plus as Google defiantly likeS it when you are using any of there products. Share all of your latest work on all you social media channels. Remember the best photography marketing always has consistency at it's core.

11. SEO

Search engine optimization is is basically the content on your website that is crawled by Google and the other search engines. There are 4 main ways to show up in Google and search engines, you can use paid traffic with Google Adwords, on site SEO, off site SEO or backlinks.

Lets explore each one by one:

1. On-page content:

On-page SEO consists of all the elements of SEO that you can control right from your website. If you have created a great website and are adding content regularly then you will most certainly start ranking with the search engines and most importantly Google. Building your on-page SEO will also help your off site SEO become more successful. As getting people to add links on their website to yours without great content and a good user experience will be a harder task. So keep adding great content, optimize your titles , add descriptions, use proper url structures, and use.optimized internal links, link externally too, Google awards you for not only the internal links though-out your website, but also for links out to other websites too. The better the sites you link too the better you will be ranked. Make sure images are optimized for speed, they the right size and have keywords for the names and and defiantly make sure your website is fast loading.

2. Off page SE0

Off-page SEO is everything that happens outside of your website. Like link building, social bookmarking, and social media backlinks. Google's main goal is to provide people with he best results possible and the most relevant to what they are looking for, Google are constantly changing and improving this to improve user experience. The off page SEO for a website, is a great indicator to Google on how your website is perceived by the rest world. So the more facebook like, pins, google plus's you have the better and the more your website in bookmarked and shared the more your website will score.  

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are made when a page of another site links to your website or page. They are super important to search engines like Google, because they show that the link is trusted and has quality. You can think of a backlink as a digital vote in your favor, showing that a website recommends your website. The more quality the backlink the better, meaning if you have a backlink from a high ranking website, google will score you better for it. So get your blogs on those bigger sites.

4. Google Adwords

You can find some great courses to help you better understand Google Adwords on Udemy. Google Adwords is basically paying to target specific keywords that potential clients will type in Google. Google Adwords can get a little complicated so we 100% recommend doing your homework before setting up a campaign. Don't go for Google Adwords Express, it will make your results generic and will not be the best way to use your budget. Take the time to learn the main Adwords platform and if you have a little extra in your budget, hire a professional to help set it up for you.


Growing any business, takes time, commitment, and consistency. So be patient, work each day and your business will eventually grow. Once you have your photography marketing plan in place, it is time to start getting your site out there with a combination of all of these. You will eventually increase your websites ranking and improve your brand awareness. If you are just starting out as a wedding photographer, check out our guide to starting a wedding photography business here.

Here are a few channels to consider:

  • Email Marketing: Newsletters, E-promos
  • Direct Mail: Postcards, Books, Posters
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Events: Trade Shows, Portfolio Reviews
  • Inbound Tactics: SEO Optimization
  • Lead Capture: Blog, Website
  • Blogging: Opinion pieces, Gear reviews, behind- the-scenes

Wedding photo editing service

To get started with our wedding photo editing service, you can create an account here. Photo + editing credit: All images in this blog post edited by the team here at Weddit and photographed by Lukas Griffin. 

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