Photography Equipment

Photography Equipment

As a photographer who's considerably new to the wedding scene, the last thing that you should be freaking out about is whether you've got the right photography equipment with you in order to get the job done. You should be confident that you have everything that you're going to need. This is a question that definitely needs to be addressed before you begin to advertise your services on a professional level. So, today, here at Weddit, we are going to make this task nice and easy for you by putting all that information in one place, convenient right? In this article you'll learn exactly what photography equipment is considered as essential when shooting a wedding, so grab a pen and paper if you're old school (that's screenshot for the younger gen) and take note of the following:  

Many photographers alter the photography equipment that they choose to use/ bring with them to a paying gig. A lot of this is down to personal judgement and experience, but we've cut that step out for you so that you have the finalised list of photography equipment which is deemed essential by many wedding photographers today. So, let's begin...

#1: bring Your Camera & A Backup - You may be surprised, but some photographers actually bring two to three cameras so that they can shoot with two and have one additional as a backup, however two would get the job done. It is essential to have a backup in the event that something goes wrong with your primary camera and there are so many things that could go wrong, fingers crossed nothing does go wrong, but you've got to be prepared. Also, it's always a good idea to bring more memory cards and batteries than you think you'll need. Always make sure that your batteries are all charged up in advance prior to the wedding. The last thing that you need is a let down on the day, there will be enough to focus on!

#2: Zoom Lens Attachments – A medium zoom lens/ the lens that comes on your camera is what most people/ many photographers use when shooting a wedding. The focal length is great for wedding portraits, offering both wide and tight perspectives. The wide aperture will give you some flexibility in spaces that aren’t very well lit, which is perfect for light and airy imagery. You will also need a longer lens to capture events from a distance, in particular the ceremony. Photographers who use this kind of lens usually stand towards the back or sides of the ceremony so that they are not blocking anyone's view. Using the lens is great for capturing close ups of the couple's first dance too!

Wide angle lenses and prime lenses are not as essential for a wedding than the other types of lenses listed here, but they are certainly nice to have in your kit! The wide angle can get shots of architectural details or big groups. The prime lens allows you to shoot in dark spaces and give you dreamy depth of field, isn't that great?! It's just what you need and want for a wedding, so it's really ideal to pick these lenses up and add them to your photography equipment collection.

#3: Speed Lights - Using an external flash can be a lifesaver when you need to get a shot that would otherwise just be too dark to capture, that's always a disappointment. The alternative without using speed lights are dark and grainy images. We have a whole post dedicated to flash photography here at Weddit, so be sure to check that out for more information!

#4: Accessories (Tripod, Light Stands & Camera Bag) -  A good tripod will get you out of trouble if you are low on light and just need a little more stability. It’s also helpful if you are compositing images together. The light stands are helpful to place your speed lights on and allow you to adjust the placement of the lighting itself. You can play around with the positioning until you have achieved the look that you would like to capture on screen. You can always play around with the equipment layout beforehand, perhaps ask the Bride & Groom to take part in a test shot session, that way you can figure out what looks flattering on camera. You'll also need something to put all of your gear into! This is pretty basic, but it's something that you won't want to forget! Make sure that you bring a photography equipment bag that's big enough and comfortable enough to haul around with you as you’re moving throughout the day. Something as simple as this makes the world of difference if you consider these factors before the big day. Choosing the right camera accessories is a big deal, so take the time to figure out what you need.

#5 Cleaning Kit – Now this is our last tip, but it's something that a lot of people don't think about at all, which is crazy considering that as a wedding photographer, you'll want your shots to be the best that they can be! It’s possible for the lens to get dirty or wet throughout the course of an event, so it’s good to keep a cleaning kit or lens wipes with you just in case. This will help you to keep smudges from ruining your shots. Clarity is key here and lens hoods are a good way to prevent your lenses from getting dirty in the first place, so we figured that's even better!

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