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In our day and age, the internet is a huge part of any wedding photography business. It is fast, super accessible, and there are so many ways to gain exposure and market your business even if you don't have a huge budget and a lot of know experience!... Growing your photography business, can for sure seem overwhelming at times and social media can feel like a mine field, so here are some tips from Weddit to help you out and get you on your way!..


Well, if you are a photographer in 2018, you have to be on Instagram. For photography, Instagram is one the best, if not the main social media power house on the planet. Instagram is one of the best places of course to share your work and gain new clients and a good place to start with your wedding photography business. Your Instagram account allows you to display all of you latest images, it allows you to keep your followers up to date, with all your latest work. As a wedding or portrait photographer you defiantly want to use this social media giant to your advantage. Firstly make hash tags relevant, and avoid using too many and make sure they are related to your business and your brand. Try to be consistent with your interaction, and with posting new work and be patient and increasing your following will happen, just like everything, it can take a little time.


Facebook seems like it has been around since the stone age, it's hard to remember a time without Facebook. This other social media heavyweight, which actually owns Instagram, is definitely alive and kicking and is 100% as relevant as ever. Between having the opportunity to share your images with your followers and the ability to specifically market to your target audience, it almost seems as if was made for us wedding photographers. With Facebook you can share your unique content with not only your friends, but with an abundance of people, you can create your very own audiences which enable you to get in front of the type of wedding clients you are looking for. Make sure you share all of your best images of course. It is a known fact that, photographic posts receive way more interaction than just text. So get to facebook and start sharing those images!!.

Facebook business Page

When building a Facebook business page separate from your personal page, this will allow you to make the most of the business features to help keep your followers engaged. Your Facebook business page should be a representation of your brand and who you are as a wedding photographer. You want to tell them who you are, what your style is, through your cover image, profile and information. Definitely make sure you to your website as the back links not only give you credibility, they also give your SEO a boost. It is important to have your contact information clear to see. You of course also want to add some galleries for all your favorite images and some highlight of full weddings. If you don't have a website, use a specialized photography website builder like new and awesome MyPix which will allow you to have a site and client proofing all in one, which is simple and easy to use.

Facebook Boosting

You can use Facebook to increase your reach to the ideals clients with it's boost feature. Through facebooks customized settings you can target your ideal clients, this is an awesome feature by Facebook, and the more specific your target, the more ideal clients you will reach and the less money you will have to spend. We suggest you start slowly, and test the water, before you allocate a big budget.


With an astonishing 330 million users and over 500 million daily tweets and 1.3 Billion accounts and with Katy Perry leading the amount of followers with 108 million followers, Twitter can not be ignored. But with all these tweets and users, how do you get noticed and stand out in an ocean of tweets?. Well the best way to start, of course after you set up a twitter account, is to firstly follow some industry professionals, like wedding planners, and other people you can network with and of course prospective clients. You want to Tweet links to your latest work and blogs, which will drive traffic to your blog and website. Don't be afraid to show your personality and share interesting things, let people get to know you and as always be consistent. The positive thing about twitter, is that it is fast, you can hop into a conversation or re-tweet, even without following someone. So defiantly make Twitter part of your photography business and if you have not already, get over to Twitter and get started!..


With all of these social media platforms to manage, do you really have time for another one? And will Pinterest even help your business? Pinterest of course does not have as much hype as the other social media platforms, with an estimated 79% of Pinterest users being female. Pinterest is a great place to find Brides to be, as in the wedding photographer hunt, it is usually the Bride that will be the one looking. Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. It has billions of pins, and there are many chances for those pins to go viral. The average realistic lifespan of a Tweet is in minutes. And Facebook posts will enter newsfeeds for an hour or two, yet pins last for a lifetime. So it is arguable, that Pinterest pins are worth more than Facebook likes. So having Pinterest profile as part of your photography business is always great idea. 


Blogging is a super important part of your photography business. A blog, if done right, can be a great addition to your marketing plan, and will help grow your photography business as a whole dramatically. You want to add a story to each wedding. But wait, you're a photographer right? don't you just need images? Yes of course, but Google is a word junkie, it needs this text and more importantly, the keywords to crawl your website and show up in it's search engine when users search specific words and phrases. When it comes to a website, you can't just add the pictures, you have to have these keywords too and if you don't have them, then your photography website will be behind the pack!..

Let's explore and example of how to do this. Let's say you have photographed a wedding at a particular venue, and you have the gallery ready to upload to your website. And before that, let's to go back a little further, and ask yourself, what do potential Brides type into Google?.. Well, one example would be, that they search for wedding venues right? So if you just photographed a wedding at a wedding venue, using that venue as a keyword when you publish the story to your website, would be a great idea, and would help potential brides find you. Is it that simple? Well not really. We need to go over a few other things first!..

Firstly have to find the right keywords. They cannot be too competitive, or too irrelevant. They have to be just right. You can check all this out with Moz keyword planner. Type in the venue's name in it's search bar and see what the statistics are for that particular phrase. Pay close attention to the other options that it offers you, that are closely related to that venue or particular keyword/phrase. Change the word a few times if you need too, until you get just the right phrase. When you find a keyword that is not super competitive, like lets say it has between 11-50 searches a month, take that keyword and put it in the title of your story ( preferably and H2 tag). See this post here for an example. 

Now use the keyword cleverly, throughout the story, you can use one to two keywords if you like. When it comes to your keywords, try not to use it too many times, they call that keyword stuffing, and Google will not like it. Just use it 5-6 times and try to get your text over 300 words and also place the chosen keyword in the name and alt tag of your images. Now the next step is too go over to Google console and submit it too Google. Now you are set and your SEO is working for you. What next? well do it again and again and Google will start working for you. This is not a quick fix to marketing, but more of a long term investment in your website. Once your blogs are complete you can then share them Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And remember a successful SEO plan is a regular and consistent one.

Weddit's top blogging tips

  • Be consistent 
  • Make sure you include inbound and outbound links
  • Add categories and tags
  • Use social media to share
  • Optimize your images
  • Use Moz keyword planner
  • Share on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
  • Be real, engaging and stand out!

Client referrals

Taking care of your existing clients, is essential to a successful photography business. Their experience and opinion of you, can be one of your greatest marketing tools. A happy client will be your greatest marketer and advocate. When a friend asks them about wedding photography, they will think of you and bring you up, and when something comes so highly recommend, it will give reassurance and confidence to the potential new client. You have essentially been tried and tested. They can be so valuable to your photography business, and better than any SEO, search engine and marketing combined. There is a simple saying, 'confidence in one is confidence in another'. So here at weddit, we highly recommend taking care of your existing client base and sit back and watch the organic growth.

Super tip one: 

Outsource some tasks on your plate to free up your time so you can spend it on building relationships. For example, rather than spending your time on wedding photo edits, outsource wedding photo editing to a specialist like Weddit. While your images are taken care of, you can focus your attention on the relationships that will help you continue to grow. Weddit focus purely on editing for wedding photographers.

Super tip two: 

You don't have any clients? ever thought about what would happen if you photographed as many people as you could for free for a month or two?. And instead of chasing the money right away, you tried to slowly increase your client base, reputation and eventually your price? I know many very successful photographers, who contiuously photograph for free if it benefits their business and portfolio. What about if you asked couples, families, you saw on the street in coffee shops. How quickly would your client base grow and how quickly would you get your photography business off the ground. This is exactly how  photographer Lukas Griffin started, which eventually led to features in Vogue, Martha Stewart, Brides and Style Me Pretty. There is another old saying, what you do for free you will eventually get paid for. A little controversy comes, when this has been brought up in the past, but we totally believe, this is a great way to start anything, focus on your passion, focus on the hard work and the money and clients will inevitably come.

Wedding vendors

Any successful photography business, has great vendor relationship, vendors will recommend their favorite people. They will not only recommend you for your work, but they will also recommend you because they like you, people rarely recommend people they dont like even if their work is great. Don't under estimate the power of kindness, communication and realness. Build friends and long erm relationships in the industry. The more you can get your name out there, the more chances your photography business will be noticed by vendors who share a vision similar to yours. When you engage with like-minded business owners who serve the same client as you, you can expand your reach and grow your wedding photography business more rapidly. Link the vendors in your blogs and ask them to link you too. That way you can all strengthen and grow together.

Google drive

Using Google drive too keep all of your files and documents in one place and organized safely up in the cloud. Google Drive allows you to organize your files in folders. It allows you to share, and collaborate with others. It is a great foundation for any photography business, as like anything, organization is paramount!..


Canva is one of the best tools out there for graphic design. Most things you need to do for your photography business, can easily be done with Canva, Within Canva you are able to make pricing/packaging pdf's, logos, Instagram posts, facebook banners, and so many other things you would need for you photography business. You can head over to Canva and check it out. Canva, is easy to use, yet super powerful at the same time, it can be used by anyone without any Graphic design experience. Their templates are awesome and modern.

Website and client proofing

When we are talking about photography websites and client proofing, MyPix definitely has it all. Mypix enables you to have everything you need all in one place. It's rivals, Pixieset has the client proofing, square space and wix have the websites. But with Mypix you have it all beautifully in one place. And not only that, it is super simple to use, and it's designs are beautiful and minimal and they work perfectly across all devices  and link seamlessly with client proofing galleries for the professional photographer. . Mypix was designed purely by photographers for photographers. So If you have not used Mypix before, you should definitely go check it out!..

Hello sign

We are not in the stone age anymore, we don't have to send out contracts to our clients, and have them print everything out, sign it, post it all back to you. This is a long process and is not ideal when you want to seal the deal as soon as possible. Thanks to Hello Sign you to do all this quickly, smoothly and professionally and all on the web. Hello sign allows you to simplify the contract aspect of your photography business.. They have a free plan for up to 3 contracts a month, which can be just enough for most wedding photographers. Alliteratively they have a paid plan that starts at 9.99. Once you have used this application, you will see what we mean and will not go back do the old way again!.. Simplify your process and head over to our friends at Hello Sign.

To get started with our wedding photo editing service, and hire your very own wedding photo editor, you can create an account here. 

Photo credit: All images in this blog post contributed by  Lukas Griffin.

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