Photographer Dress Code

Photographer Dress Code

Here at Weddit, we speak a lot about what makes great wedding photography even greater and the styles of imagery that you can adopt throughout your images. We’ve even shared some of our most precious and well-constructed tips with you that will help your business bloom up and out so that your reputation as a wedding photographer calls client from miles away. But we haven’t spoken about something so simple, yet important. Albeit, it’s not the most technical of topics, but it is something that all wedding photographers will be expected to know as they turn up to a paying wedding gig and that is the photographer dress code.

The Photographer Dress Code – So, what is the photographer dress code you may ask? Well, you may be surprised to hear it being as weddings are renowned for being associated with the colour white, but the typical photographer dress code is typically to wear black. But what’s the purpose of wearing all black to a wedding? Well you know how we said this isn’t a technical topic, perhaps that’s just because it doesn’t seem like it from the offset, but there are actually a few reasons why black is the ideal colour for the wedding photographer to wear and they’re not as simplistic as you may be expecting.

Rule #1: Photographer Dress Code - Who’d of guessed that the first reason for wearing black at the wedding when you’re the photographer is actually based upon the scenario that you’ll need to be in the shot? Shocking right?! We know... the photographer is usually the one behind the camera, but our reasoning is totally logical, check this out! wearing black clothing can provide a clean backdrop when necessary. Doing a detailed shot in a crowded room with nowhere else to go? That’s where you (or indeed your assistant who is wearing the same attire) come in handy. Have your assistant stand behind your object of focus such as; jewellery/shoes/flowers for an instant, non-distracting backdrop. This will make for a sharp and clean photograph!

Rule #2: Photographer Dress Code - The second reason for sticking to an all-black dress code is because of colour casting on your beautiful images. Maybe you’re shooting with a back light or perhaps the sun is really vibrant and fierce that day? Whatever the reason, if the angle is just right, wearing anything other than black could impact into your photographs. White usually isn’t a problem as it will act as a reflector but uhm, no white to weddings please! That’s the Bride’s colour. Red is the worst for colour transfer so, stay well clear! Wearing red will impact onto the subject’s skin and onto the gown of the Bride if that’s who you are photographing. Green can be just as bad as casts can make the poor subject look sickly.

Rule #3: Photographer Dress Code - Now wearing black isn’t quite like wearing the cloak of invisibility, but it most certainly will help you to blend into the wedding party. That’s one of the main points that people think of first when asked why they wear black to wedding gigs. It’s mostly so the wedding photographer can blend into the crowd and when the guests spot the photographer, they almost forget who they are and have a great time! Of course the photographer doesn’t make people feel like Debbie downers, but it can make some people feel a little on edge if they don’t like being in front of the camera. Also, blending into the crowd really helps with the whole candid thing. You’ll capture some really natural shots if you get in with the action and avoid sticking out like a sore thumb.

Rule #4: Photographer Dress Code - This one isn’t going to be something that you’ll expect to read here, but photographers do sweat you know! They are human just like everyone else, but due to their job and the industry they work in, the ever-famous wedding day is a special day known for an immaculate looking group of people and the photographer is expected to appear presentable (and rightly so), but if you’ve read two of our previous articles called ‘Photographer Schedule Part 1’ and ‘Photographer Schedule Part 2’, you’ll realise the length of time that some wedding photographers are expected to work for. Therefore, black is the best colour to help the photographer look classy and presentable at all times. This is particularly relevant if you live in a warmer climate or if you are shooting a beach wedding. Carrying around photography equipment is no easy task either, but black won’t show those sweat lines on your clothing. Some photographers don’t wear black and that’s fine. What they wear works for them and that’s awesome, we just know that this is a common reason for wearing all black attire when shooting a wedding.

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