Mini Photo Sessions

Mini Photo Sessions

How to Book, Shoot, and Sell Mini photo Sessions..



Mini photo sessions are the portrait and wedding photographer’s method of reaching new markets, creating collaborations, and quickly filling in empty calendar spots. Today we are going to discuss how to host a successful Mini photo Session!


What are Mini photo Sessions?!


They are exactly what they sound like. Smaller versions of the portrait session you already offer.

If your typical portrait package lasts an hour, a Mini Session should last about 15 minutes. Mini Sessions are designed to give clients a taste of what you do.

Don’t damage your brand by confusing Mini Sessions with cheap photography. Mini Sessions are affordable because of their size not their price. 3 Reasons to Offer Mini Photo Sessions


1.         Reach New Market Markets

Mini Sessions are ideal for families who aren’t ready to commit to an entire session but still want to experience your work. Some Mini Photo Session clients may never go on to book full sessions, but some will. You might be surprised by the amount of full session referrals that originated from Mini Session clients.


2.         Create Collaborations

Mini Sessions are great for promo offers such as seasonal shoots! Some photographers grow their business by partnering with their local community such as clothing boutiques. Collaborations with local partners can connect you to numerous new clients!


3.         Quickly Fill in Empty Calendar Spots

If there is a lull in your schedule, you can fill it with Mini Photo Sessions! Because they don’t require a large financial commitment from your clients, they are much easier to see last minute. And because they are a limited time offer, clients are more inclined to make the purchase while they last!



How to Market Mini Photo Sessions:


·             Launch a Landing Page


You need one place where your clients can get all the Mini Photo Session Details. This can be a blog post describing what you are offering in you Mini Sessions and how to book.


·             Customize Your Social Media Graphics


Adobe Spark and Canva are great free places to start! Be sure to customize a marketing graphic for each social platform so I will showcase at the proper native size and dimensions. Social Media Tips:


Your Mini Photo Sessions information should be straightforward and shareable. Your graphics should incorporate these elements:


·             A simple message. Don’t overload your Instagram image with text. Instead stick with a simple message Spring Mini Sessions- April 1st! Provide them with details and a LINKE IN BIO guidance

·             Your Brand. Your website, or the link to your Mini Sessions landing page should be in each graphic.

·             An Iconic Image. Choose one of your best images to entice clients to book. They should look at your photo and say, “I want that!!”

Remember, Mini Sessions are meant to boost your brand and cultivate your creativity!

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