Marketing for Photographers

Marketing for Photographers

3 ways to get more clients



Today we are going to discuss three actionable steps that are designed to help boost your brand, promote your portfolio, and get more clients!


1.        Curate Your Portfolio- Especially on Instagram


We speak with experienced, successful photographers every day, and they all tell us the same thing: they’re booking lots of work through Instagram! Here’s how they do it:


They’re Showing the Right Photos


Your insta feed should be thoughtfully curated. The ratio of casual shots to professional ones should be about 1:7


To grab more clients, post these photos on Instagram:

·             Photos you’ve made for your clients

·             Professional-quality photos you’ve made of your own family or friends

·             No more than one behind-the-scenes photo per week


They’re Using the Right Hashtags.. In the Right Places


Your hashtags shouldn’t go in the caption field below your image. They should be in the first comment right after you post a photo. 11 is the magic number! Sharing at least 11 hashtags ensures the best results. To get more clients, focus on locations and genre specific hashtags. If a couple is using Instagram to look for a photographer in Paris, they’re much more likely to search #ParisPhotographer or #MontmartreWeddingPhotographer than #BeautifulCouple or #RedDress.


They’re Posting Almost Every Day


Get more clients by posting a fresh image on Instagram every weekday- or if you’re ambitious, weekends, too! Choose a certain day to pre-select your upcoming week’s Instagram photos, and schedule them to post automatically with Later. It’s ok if some of your images are old. Just as long as they’re high quality and representative of your ongoing work, they will resonate with your audience.


2.        Get More Clients by Asking


You know a lot of people and don’t even realize it. You have friends and family and they have friends and family and so on. You are connected to these people through social media, your church, your day job, your children’s’ school… and you have the ability to reach out to them directly and ask them to book you. Without worrying about being too forward here’s how it works:


Offer a Promotion


Reach out to past clients, potential clients, and your family and friends and tell them:


It’s portfolio building season and I’m looking to book six fun portrait sessions for this month! In exchange for letting me to select an amazing  location, I’m offering each couple or family 20% off their session! If you or someone you know is interested, email directly and I will reserve your spot J” 3. Pursue a Passion Project


People are attracted to passion. When you are photographing things that a light a fire in your soul, that excitement will spill over into your portfolio, your social media, your website, and your communications with possible clients.


As you begin to grow your portfolio and your business into something that excites you, share that joy with your followers and admirers!


No one gets more clients by anxiously, aggressively persisting that the universe sends work their way. We build our businesses by creating with intention and connecting with purpose.









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