How To Photograph A Wedding Dress

How To Photograph A Wedding Dress

Wedding photography wouldn’t have much to say for itself without capturing the wedding dress now would it? So, in today’s article we’re going to present some tips on how to photograph a wedding dress in ways which your clients will love! So, let’s jump into this article...

Shot N0.1: Hang It Up - A very popular wedding dress photograph among current Brides is to capture a shot of the dress hanging before she puts it on. It’s a request that you will be sure to get at some point during your work as a wedding photographer. We’re always seeing new and creative ways that photographers are capturing this shot, but it can be moody, playful, romantic or just a plain documentation of what the dress looked like before it was worn on a very memorable day.

We think it’s pretty obvious, but on a busy day where there are tonnes of things to do, it may just slip your mind, so listen carefully... DO NOT touch the dress without getting approval from the Bride first. Secondly, make sure that she knows what you are doing with it and is comfortable with what you’re doing. You will not want to give the Bride a heart attack when she can’t find her dress or finds it hanging over a tree branch that’s resting over a mud puddle! Just run ideas by her and swap opinions back and forth. Don’t forget that the Bride is your client (along with the Groom), so anything she doesn’t like has to be scrapped.

Always assume that the Bride has spent a ton of money on her dress and loves it dearly and that way, you’ll be less likely to forget this KEY POINT. Speaking of mud puddles, don’t ever put a wedding dress near a mud puddle (let alone over one) or in any other situation that it could get damaged. You don’t want to be responsible for that (even if it’s ‘a really cool shot’). It’s just not worth it.

Wedding Dress Photography Ideas (Hang It Up) - If you’re stuck for a few ideas about how the wedding dress should be hung up or where you should capture the shot, this next piece of information will be really useful to you...

The Silhouette: Hang the dress on a windowsill or curtain rod in front of a bright window. If you expose somewhere between the back of the dress and the outside light you should get a nice silhouette with some detail towards the edges of the dress.

Doorways & Cabinets: This is the shot that shows the dress from top to bottom. With the train, this may hit the floor even if you hang it pretty high. Do your best to keep it off the ground and avoid the dress getting grubby at all costs!

The Porch: Many times, the front or back porch of a house or country club will have hooks already built in (for hanging plants) and it’ll make for a nice safe backdrop for a wedding dress.

A Desolate Tree: This is a really beautiful way to shoot the wedding dress if the venue you are shooting at has a nice garden or a natural setting as a backdrop. As long as the tree and the birds will not drop anything on the dress and you feel good about hanging it from the branch, try hanging it from a tree for a romantic style of image.

Shot N0.2: The Details - Many beautiful images of the wedding dress are actually close ups. This ensures that all of the details on the dress are captured. But we’re talking closer than close. Take a look at the thumbnail for this article as an example. You can see the details of the dress, while also being able to make a flat lay scene of sorts with the Bride’s accessories. In the image above, a pair of shoes have been used to draw the eye into the frame of the picture. If the Bride’s shoes are brightly coloured, this is a pretty cool look too! It will give the image more of an edge and modern feel, whereas the image above is more traditional.

It’s always good to have an assistant or second shooter when you’re getting a few shots of the wedding dress. A wedding dress can be long, large and heavy. You may need to hold it with two hands and have an assistant to open the doors for you or help out with the hanging of the dress.  Trust us, it’s not as morbid as that, we just mean it can be a little tricky to get the frock on the hanger sometimes!

It’s helpful to bring a nice-looking hanger with you, just in case the Bride only has the plastic one that the dress came on. An ugly hanger can ruin your shot. Also, make sure to take out or hide any of the paper used for forming inside the dress. And it may go without saying, but make sure your hands are clean when you touch the dress. Dirty marks on a clean satin gown will not wash well with anyone.

Shot N0.3: The Blushing Bride - Last but by no means least is the idea of capturing the Bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony. This is an iconic moment and part of the wedding album after the big day is over and done with. So, once the Bride is dressed in her gown, be sure to give her a few directions in order to capture the poses which you’re after. As you can see, throughout this post, we’ve jotted a few examples here and there of what a handful of Bride’s looks like in their gown at this stage of the day. You can check those out for inspiration!

As you can probably tell, the image of a gazing Bride is one of the most popular among photographers. Just because it’s classically beautiful and elegant! Check out our images and see how this style varies from wedding to wedding...

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