Hiring A Photographer

Hiring A Photographer

How long do you think that you should give yourself (time frame wise) before shooting a client’s wedding? As straight to the point as being a wedding photographer may sound, it’s not just the wedding day that a wedding photographer will have to consider. As we’re sure many of you will already know, a lot of planning goes into the details of a wedding and even though the wedding photographer already has the imagery side of things covered, they still need time to prepare themselves, their equipment and of course any other details that are unique to the client’s wedding at hand. Throughout the meetings with your client(S), the specific needs and wants that they have should be laid out flat on the table so that both parties know where they stand and you can figure out how exactly you can achieve the look/ vibe they’re going for. Whatever their, needs, wishes or favours are it’s your job to turn up and get it right! So, in today’s article, we’re going to talk about how long you need to give yourself to prepare for a wedding gig and what our reasons are for this. These are some of the things that you should think about when it comes down to the topic of hiring a photographer.

How Long Should You Give Yourself To prepare? (Hiring A Photographer) - It’s common knowledge that any photographer/ videographer should allow themselves at least 9 months to prepare when being booked for a wedding. Any clients that approach you for a paying gig with less time than 9 months left to go until the big day are proposing a very tall order. It wouldn’t be wrong of you to accept their proposal, but you wouldn’t be totally unreasonable to charge a little extra due to the fact that you’ll have to work twice as fast to cram all of that preparation into a smaller space of time. Although you do have to be reasonable, if you don’t think you can physically get the job done in the time, they are suggesting you have to be honest and there will be jobs that you’ll turn down sometimes due to impracticality.

At the ‘9 months to go!’ stage, your clients should be at the point where they’ve already picked out their wedding venue, a theme/colour scheme, an idea of a guest list and a basic timeline of their wedding day. This is all useful to you as the photographer because; Once the venue is all set, you (as the photographer) should be able to look up the locations to see where you can get the best photos of your clients and their loved ones. We’re talking backdrops and angles here people!! Also, your clients will be able to tell you who they really want photographs with or specific photo setups that they have in mind when hiring a photographer. You can add their wishes/ preferences onto your shot list for later. This will help you to organise yourself for the big day. It’s better to have the details ready rather than leaving them until last minute – that's asking for trouble!

As for the general timeline, this is useful if the client who’s wedding, you’re shooting has planned a mix of wedding traditions or unique wedding events into their big day. Of course, every wedding is unique, but some weddings will have a little more to their schedule than others so, it will be good for you as the photographer to know what you’re doing well in advance. This way you won’t miss a thing and capture all of the special moments!  

Top Tip (Hiring A Photographer) - In the experience of man photographers alike, if you’re ahead of the game, having bookings for way in advance doesn’t hurt anyone, if anything it just secures future work for your business. Just make sure that you’re clear on the ranging details from the wedding date, the rehearsal dinner or the engagement session (if applicable) and any other events such as the Bridal portrait session or the photo shoot with the Groom before the big day.

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