Groom Picture Ideas

Groom Picture Ideas

Unique wedding ideas for your client’s pictures will make their photographs truly wonderful. Everybody wants their wedding day to be perfect (especially the Bride to be) and she’ll be over the moon if the photos you take as their photographer come out at a professional level, let alone their being some awesome creativity in there to document the happy couple’s big day. So, for today, rather than talking about the obvious topic of Bridal pictures, we thought we’d focus on the topic of groom picture ideas. After all, this is just as important to the Bride and they’ll still need to be as awesome as the rest of your images, so let’s get on with the post and share our ideas...

The Importance Of Groom Picture Ideas - As we mentioned, you’re going to want to capture every moment of their special day. So, that means that research and planning are key. The Bride traditionally has her own segment of the photo shoot and of course that’s understandable as there will be a lot of images to take, but what about the Groom? You’ll want to make his part of the festivities is well-documented, too, so that’s why we’re talking about groom picture ideas today.  

Your Style Of Photography - Discussing your style of photography/ imagery with your client is very important. Also asking your client what the overall vibe/ look they want for their wedding is achievable with your services. Style of photography will of course apply to your client as a couple, but also, it’s important to remember individual style as well throughout your images for both parties in the photographs. So, what you need to do is decide if a traditional approach to groom picture ideas is “you,” or if you’d prefer to take a unique angle. As their wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are clear on their style and vision so that your client will love the final outcome of their wedding photographs.

Once your overall look and theme have been established for the images that you are going to take, it’s time to get more specific about the shots you’re going to capture. The happy couple should put their heads together and make a list of the must-have groom pictures they want from the wedding day itself to go into the wedding album. Of course, you can stick with the traditional choices for the Bridal images, but the approach to shooting the Groom images is much more versatile and open that you may initially realize which leaves a lot of room for creativity and personalisation. We recommend that you ask the Groom to make a thorough list of the images that they envision, along with the help of the Bride of course and you can give your input as their photographer too of course!

Groom Picture Ideas -
  • Getting dressed
  • Closeups of outfit elements (e.g. bow tie, cuffs, shoes)
  • Looking at the rings
  • Preparing/reading the vows
  • A portrait with his mother
  • Laughing with the best man
  • Joking around with the groomsmen
  • Waiting for the Bride (nervous but happy vibes for the best photographs)

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