First time wedding photographer

First time wedding photographer


Whether you are a first time wedding photographer or a seasoned pro, there is a lot to think about when photographing a wedding. Let's start fromt he beginning , the 'Getting Ready Shots" for a wedding is a moment that'll be filled with nerves and
excitement for the Bride and Groom. Ideally as the
, you should try to capture
the excitement, the story and the love betwen the couple. So, if
there are two wedding photographers, one can focus on the groom and the other can focus on the
bride. So, here are a few key ideas to consider when photographing someone's wedding. These quick ideas
will ensure that you've thought of everything and achieve the best shots;

  • Take some shots of the wedding invitations 
  • Capture images of the Bride and Bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done (dress hanging up, jewelry laid out, shoes lined up, bouquets, buttonholes and corsages ready to be worn e.c.t) 
  • Take images of the Bride putting on her dress/veil with help from the Mother of The Bride or Bridesmaids (Bridal party having fun) 
  • Groom and Groomsmen getting ready 
  • Close up of the wedding dress 
  • Family portraits
  • Bride and Groom spending moment alone (separately)
  • Bridal party walking down stairs/leaving the house 
  • Bride and Father in Wedding Car/ Walking to ceremony 
  • Wedding ring shots and any important jewelly

Wedding Day Ceremony 

It'd be a really good idea as the wedding photographer to consider
more than just the obvious parts of the day. Try to think outside of the box and take images of all
the small details that the Bride and Groom wouldn't want to forget. For example, you could take
shots of the empty venue/church (including the altar, flowers, interior & exterior details). An iconic
moment is when the Groom and Groomsmen are waiting inside venue/church, so try and get the
Groom to give a smile and forget his nerves when taking your photos. Another great opportunity is
when guests begin to flood the church. They usually stand on the green outside and some begin to
filter into the venue, so you should have many opportunities to interact with the guests and get
some great overall room shots. If your images are well planned in terms of timing and coordination,
you may be lucky enough to capture some natural movements such as the ushers handing out
copies of the wedding program and the Bride's carpool pulling up outside of the venue from where
you are positioned.

Other major focal points are of the Bride stepping out of her car, the Bride walking down the aisle
and her Bridesmaids waiting for her at the back of the church/ venue. The Groom's reaction to his
Bride approaching him as she walks down the aisle is definitely something that you should be
focusing on. If it's all down to you to capture these moments, you'll have to move quickly to capture
those genuine emotions on camera. Everybody always turns to look at the Bride as she walks down
the aisle, but the Groom's facial expression often is one of the best parts of a wedding and many
people miss it! Make sure you don't as their photographer. Then of course the usual exchanging of
vows and rings is something that will be remembered by the happy couple for the rest of their lives,
so try and get some close ups in those moments. The first kiss as husband and wife and the moment
after is quite possibly the most romantic moment of a wedding and shortly after the signing of the
register takes place. These parts of the ceremony are typically captured with attention to detail and
it's your job as the wedding photographer to be observant, creative and time efficient so that you
don't miss any of the smaller details.

You can get some really lovely playful and innocent shots as the newlywed couple pose for their
photograph as a married couple. Many people choose to throw confetti and the expression on many
of the guests' faces as well as the married couple are full of joy, so don't miss out on this moment if
there is even a whisper of confetti. Then of course photos of the 'just married' carpool is another
key moment to capture on screen! Learn more about recommended

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