Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Sounds kind of fancy doesn’t it? ‘Fine Art Wedding Photography’ that is. It’s actually pretty cool, being as not many photographers know what this style of imagery is and how skilled you have to be to produce such photography. So, if you want to know exactly what fine art wedding photography is and how you can use it to offer to your clients, stay tuned and read this blog post!

What Does ‘Fine Art Mean’? - Fine art is as precise as it sounds. It’s a way of branding creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. Fine art pieces tend to have depth and meaning behind them, which leads us on nicely to our next point of call...

What Is Fine Art Wedding Photography? - The term ‘fine art’ has become a trendy keyword that many wedding photographers use to describe their style, so you may be wondering, what exactly is fine art wedding photography? The reality is, there is no universal definition.  Simply put, a fine art photographer captures photos that are intended to be appreciated as visual art. Yes, this definition is vague, so a better question is, “What is a fine art wedding photographer aiming to produce?”

To begin, fine art wedding photography starts with the photographer’s artistic vision. Today, a modern fine art approach is what is most commonly taken in which wedding images are shot with a specific narrative in mind, with careful attention paid to lighting, background, and composition. This approach is different from photojournalism (Journalism Photography) in that a photojournalist’s priority is to objectively depict an event without artistic enhancements. Acclaimed ‘fine art’ wedding photographers will usually be known for a consistent artistic style as seen in their portfolios.

How To Use Fine Art Wedding Photography - Film is a popular medium that fine art wedding photographers still work in to define their style because it offers more of an artistic control to produce images a broad range of styles from dark & moody to bright & airy. Yes, digital images can also be processed to simulate the look of film (which is more what we’re focusing on in this article), which allows fine art photographers to work in both film and digital mediums, also known as “hybrid”, however, it is important to point out that it is not the medium itself (film or digital) or camera equipment that defines fine art, but rather, it is the photographer’s design aesthetic and approach to capturing the images. Based on this explanation, film photographers can also be photojournalists, and fine art images can also be shot on digital cameras. It’s all starting to make sense, now right?

Now, the most important question is this... why should potential clients consider a fine art wedding photographer for their wedding (i.e.. You!)?   The short answer is, if your potential clients are planning a wedding in which design, décor, and aesthetics are paramount, then a fine art wedding photographer is a good choice for them and the best way to go and it’s your job as the photographer to help them see that.  Every photographer’s style is different so choose one that is a perfect match for you. After all, the skill set that you learn and the style that you adopt is your client’s wedding day vision. So, learn your style and learn it well! But the real question beyond all others that we’ve raised and answered throughout this article is this one... is fine art wedding photography your style?

Fine Art wedding Photography: Is It Your Style? - It’s actually pretty hard to narrow down a handful of words to express what fine art wedding photography is to then decide if it floats your boat as a wedding photographer or not, but we’re going to try! Fine art wedding photography as we mentioned at the beginning of this article is simply visual art, but let’s expand on that. The images that you take should be a piece of art work and strong enough to support themselves in that claim. This style isn’t the same as taking: candid, natural, shabby chic, vintage photographs. Fine art wedding photography is in a league of its own!

Fine Art wedding photography is a great style if you like art for art’s sake. We’re sorry for the simplicity of that statement, but it’s pretty much the only way to put it. These images (once taken) will need to be printed out on fine art paper to complete the style for the finished wedding album after your job well done. If you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it right! So, whether your clients ask for the images to be printed by yourself, or if they’d prefer to do it when they’re ready via memory card, be sure to pass on this info!

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