Wedding Photo Editing

Wedding photo editing


Spring is here which means wedding season is near! As we are about to head into busy season, saving time is crucial as you know. The key is to balance productivity with efficiency without sacrificing the quality of your work or editing workflow. Today we are going to discuss some tips to help speed up your wedding photography editing workflow. 




After you shoot a wedding it’s important to import your photos as soon as possible. Once imported make sure that you back them up with a mirroring hard drive or upload them to a cloud storage. 


Step 2- CULL

Culling will be the second step of your wedding photo editing process, it is the act of looking through the images quickly and choosing the ones you want to edit and deliver to your client. We don’t like to cull in Lightroom because we’ve found that its slow and tedious to do so. That’s why we are a big fan of Photo Mechanic! Photo Mechanic is faster than Lightroom because it doesn’t have to load the large RAW file. You can move through images quicker, which adds to major time saved. 


Here are some tips to help you get through the culling process:

• Choose the ones you want to keep, not the ones you want to remove. • Go through all the images once (in full screen) and make decisions based on instinct. • Once you have presorted your images go through them a second time, but this time with a much more critical eye. Because you’ve seen all of these images once already you’ll have a better idea of which ones should stay or go. 


Step 3- EDIT


This is the most time-consuming part of it this whole process. That’s where we come in! Send us your culled images, and let us do the rest. You can now rest easy knowing that you don’t have to edit hundreds of photos! Outsourcing your editing allows you to focus on marketing your photography business, shooting more weddings, or just getting your life back. To get started with our wedding photo editing service, first go ahead and create your free personal and private account here.




After the hardest part is over, now you can deliver to your eager clients! Be sure to use an online gallery so they can share the link with their friends and family. Not all website builders have client proofing built in- that’s why we love Mypix for their beautiful built-in client proofing pages just for photographers.

To get started with our wedding photo editing service, you can create an account here. 

Photo credit: All images in this blog post by Lukas Griffin.


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