Double Image Photography

Double Image Photography

When it comes down to talking about the different types of photography, we could be here all day! There are so many variations of imagery and only a handful of them are suitable where wedding photography is concerned, but in today’s article, we’re going to talk about double image photography. Double image photography isn’t the typical form of imagery that you’d connect with a wedding album, but in certain situations, it could work and it may be considered as more of an art piece in this situation compared to getting the shot just for the sake of capturing as many photographs as possible to add into the finished photo album or portable memory card that holds all of your client’s images. So, what is double image photography?

What Is Double Image Photography? - Double image photography basically means ‘double vision’. You often see this type of photography on the album cover of a music artist, or as a piece of art hanging on the wall of a gallery, but it can also be used as a masterpiece to merge two images into one, which makes an artistic image. Double image photography is actually really captivating and at a wedding you could merge the silhouette of the Bride’s face with flowers from her bouquet or perhaps something to do with the wedding venue. It’s got to be something that looks picturesque and stands out at the same time.

How To Use Double Image Photography? -  Do you remember back in the days of your youth when you’d have a school photo taken and every member of the family would want one? Well, this type of image could be used for prints like that. Perhaps it could be used on thank you notes for attending a wedding or maybe on a save the date tokens sent via the post. The image(S) could be used as backing paper or even printed out on a larger scale as a wall hanging or canvas. These could be given as gifts or even to be hung up at the wedding reception for people to admire. There are plenty of ways that double image photography could be incorporated into a wedding and if all else fails, it would just be a nice token for the couple to take away and admire their wedding day that has just passed.

Other ways for double image photography to be used for a wedding are; to use the images to make box frame prints, photo frame prints, photo albums and of course to share them as digital images so that they can be located on the PC. Most of your clients will probably want to share these photographs online, so having them available in this format will benefit your business greatly if you charge a little extra for this service.

How To Create A Double Image? - So, how can you create a double image? A lot of photographers actually use Photoshop to do this because there is some level of image manipulation involved. This type of photography will require the skill to be able to edit your photographs at quite an advanced level, but if you’re a whiz with this programme or photo editing in general you should be able to follow the instructions and pick the tips up pretty quickly by following the tutorial that we’ve linked just above for you to follow. Then, you’ll be able to offer these types of images as a service within your photography package.

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