Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination wedding photographer

Becoming a destination wedding photographer is the ultimate dream for all of us, getting paid to travel and take pictures of beautiful people? Yes please!! Visualizing yourself shooting a wedding abroad can only take you within the limits of your mind. We want to help you find those destination clients. Or more importantly, make them find you. Unfortunately, most potential clients aren’t going to search you or your website up to book you for a destination wedding. For many destination wedding photographers, they are found through Instagram. Major brands are beginning to discover photographers for ad campaigns through social media, it’s no wonder couples are starting to look on Instagram for photographers. The key is grabbing their attention!

So here are Weddit's top tips to becoming a destination wedding photographer:

Think #beyond The Box

Where do you want to go? Ok now hashtag it! Contrarily to popular belief, hashtags are not proprietary. Which means your hashtag doesn’t have to be directly related to the picture you are hash tagging. ANY hashtag can be used on ANY photo! Do you want to shoot in Thailand but have only photographed weddings in San Diego? Hashtag a beach picture with #thailandweddingphotographer. This example optimal because your SD beach photo demonstrates the skill you’re offering, and the hashtag will attract couples that will offer you something in return- an opportunity to photograph a wedding in Thailand!.. And don't for to hashtag #DestinationWeddingPhotographer

First Comment Trick 

No one really knows exactly why, but the most effective place to use hashtags is NOT in your Instagram caption. After your post your photo, instead of using hashtags in your caption, immediately add a comment and type all of your hashtags in that first comment! This ensures that your photo will immediately appear in search results for those hashtags.

Connect with Your Target Market

You’ll get the best results when you find the best hashtags that connect you to your ideal client. It’s important to remember that hashtags connect your photograph with people looking for images just like yours. When choosing hashtags ask yourself these questions:

1.Does this hashtag accurately represent me/my style?

2.Does this hashtag accurately represent this photograph/ style?

3. Is this a hashtag I would search when looking for a photographer?

For example, if you searched for #wedding, it would result in over 73 MILLION photos on Instagram. Many of those photos would include selfies, dogs, memes, and other irrelevant things. It’s highly unlikely that your potential client would find you in that sea of 73 million images. However, if you searched for #seattleweddingphotographer results are much smaller-about 98,000. Most of these images are high quality, professionally made photographs of weddings, which is relevant for a couple looking for a wedding photographer in Seattle. So remember that with a targeted hashtag, your image is much more likely to be found- and found by the right people.

To get started with our wedding photo editing service, you can create an account here. 

Photo credit: All images in this blog post by Lukas Griffin.

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