Creative Wedding Photography

Creative wedding photography


Busy season is almost here! Are you feeling creative and inspired? Many times, it can be tough to maintain inspiration during the slower months, especially when there are less opportunities to flex your creativity muscle. How do you plan to jumpstart your creativity to capture memorable moments for each wedding you shoot this year? We’ve compiled a list creative wedding photography ideas to help you stay inspired. 

Creative wedding photography


When we create an image, we are literally putting something into existence that has never existed before! When you think about creating images from the wedding day, create ones that will be hung on their wall for generations to come. Keep in mind that creating take time. You have to think outside the box during your shoot. It’s important to create something looking through your client’s eyes.


When shooting on location, use the knowledge you have about your clients. If they’ve told you that they love the great outdoors, you know that they are adventurous so incorporate that into the image! The images you make will showcase who they are and will provide them with memories for years to come. These are the types of images they want to print large and hang in their living room.

Get to know your couple


Before you begin shooting your couple, take the time to get to know who they are and what their story is. When you get to know them better you can incorporate their story into your images.  When you meet with your clients, ask them questions that will tell you about them as a couple. Find out what their relationship looks like and what they mean to each other. The more you get to know the couple and how they see their relationship, the easier it becomes to capture that during the day of their wedding!

Be Intentional


As a wedding photographer, you have a unique opportunity to be with your clients on one of the most significant days of their lives. Because of that, you must be intentional with the images you create for them. Every image you take should tell a story about your couple and represent your unique style. Take steps to understand your couple so you know what to highlight in their images. What’s important to them? The more you are involved with your clients, the easier it becomes to create with intention.

Coach your clients


When you first meet with your couple, take this opportunity to coach them about their role during their shoot. Let them know you want to include them in the process to create more memorable images. When you work together, you are able to build a stronger connection in the photos. Share with them your vision. Let them know your intentions. A great tip is to ask your couple what they mean to each other as you’re shooting them. When they share their feelings, you can capture an amazing moment in the image.

Take your time


When you coach clients, be sure to take your time doing so. Show them that this isn’t a rush and there’s no need to hurry through these moments. Don’t move on to the next thing, take your time and savor the moments as they happen so you can capture them. Weddings themselves are hectic, but it’s crucial to find time to create balance and slow the time down for them and for yourself. The more time you have, the more relaxed your couple will feel.


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