Couple Photography Poses

Couple Photography Poses

Need some inspiration for posing the next Bride and Groom you shoot? Choosing a great pose can take an image from good to great and great to, well AMAZING! In this article, we are going to be sharing five unique and essential wedding couple photography poses. Trust us, when you have your final photographs ready to show and tell, your clients will be wowed...

So, the question is, are you ready to find out what poses we’re going to suggest?! Well, just carry on reading to find out what couple photography poses we love the most here at Weddit!

Pose N01: Blind Folded (By Her) - As the tradition goes, the Groom isn’t supposed to see the Bride in her dress before the wedding ceremony. So, if your clients decide to make things a little unique and want a photo shoot before they’re actually married (while in their get-up) there are certain things that you’ll have to consider before carrying out your couple poses. Perhaps they’ve opted for a Bride and Groom portrait session (to be carried out separately of course) but fancy a few fun pictures together. Well, getting the Groom to keep his eyes closed will be interesting, but hey, it just might make for a picture-perfect moment! Plus, they’ll have something to laugh about and look back on.

To make the shot really romantic, have the Bride cover the Groom’s eyes. This shoot will be really special to your clients (the Groom in particular) as he will have no idea how the shoot will turn out. So, after the couple are married, they’ll both be thrilled to see pictures of both of them together standing next to each other in the same attire that they would wear on their wedding day, yet at the time they were too busy listening to your direction and trying not to fall over. It’ll be a great ‘remember when’ kind of shoot, full of sweet and innocent couple poses. Perfect for their wedding album or to have blown up on a canvas. It’ll be a shoot that means a lot to both of them forever. So, how’s that for one of the wedding couple photography poses that we have up our sleeves?

Pose N02: The First Look (By Him) - Make sure to capture the first look that the Groom has of his Bride in her wedding gown! If your clients agree to it, you can get this shot in private before the ceremony begins, but for obvious reasons they may not. If their wishes for the ceremony are pretty traditional, the chances of them willing to break this everlasting wedding rule is very unlikely, but it’s your call if you think it’s worth asking in order to shoot the couple poses that you think are worth the sacrifice. This shoot will make for a gorgeous set of images.

Never fear though, if you don’t think they’ll agree with the whole “let the Groom see the Bride before the ceremony’ deal, then don’t worry, because you will be able to capture the Groom’s expressions no matter what. It’ll just be during their wedding ceremony rather than at a photo shoot that you’ve orchestrated. At a photo shoot, you’d be able to give more direction over the angles, lighting, holding a candid moment e.c.t but at a ceremony you’ll have to keep quiet, let things unfold naturally and be camera ready at all times.

Try not to miss a shot! The bright side is that you’ll be capturing the natural “I can see my Bride” moment on camera during their wedding ceremony and you may be lucky enough to capture the look on the guests’ faces as well as the Bride walks down the aisle. In our opinion, this is one of the BEST wedding couple photography poses. So, it is a different take on the moment, but both will be stunningly beautiful and sentimental to your couple, whichever way you both decide to capture it.

If your couple like the idea of having a photo shoot together, but don’t want to stray away from tradition, you could always discuss the possibility of an engagement photo shoot with them when you take them on as clients. This way, you’ll have more freedom to direct their positions, you’ll have more control over the setting of the photographs and of course the lighting too! Then when it comes to the Bride seeing the Groom, you can just let this unfold at the wedding ceremony, but let your couple have a little fun and freedom now as they go through the list of suggested couple poses! The images from the shoot could be used at the wedding reception, or as part of their “save the date” cards. The choice is up to your clients and what you offer as a photographer.

Pose N03: The First Dance - A couple’s first dance is a milestone moment. Usually the couple’s first dance happens at their wedding reception (after the ceremony), but you can also have your clients practice their first dance during a photo shoot. This will make for a perfect moment on camera as they go through the list of suggested couple photography poses. Dancing together will be a moment which they will never forget and that first song will forever be embedded in their brains. So, if you’re planning on capturing this candid moment at their wedding reception, then make sure you are camera ready, standing at the best angle, with lighting that will make the photograph perfect.  

Although, not all couples ask for the photographer to stay throughout the wedding reception. You may be hired for the ceremony and that’s it. Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to them to ask you to shoot their first dance together. You should try to bring this point up during the wedding consultations which you’ll share with your couple and find a way to capture this moment together.

Have you heard of engaged couple’s taking dance lessons together? Well, it might be a nice idea to capture the couple as they practise their first dance. Then you could sneak in a few photos at the reception if they allow you to do so. The first dance is a big deal to some couple’s, while others don’t even think about it all that much. So, you really do need to talk to your clients about this photo opportunity before planning on how you’re going to capture it. But we encourage you (as the photographer) to encourage your couple to take the plunge and have their first dance captured on screen. The first dance is one of the sweetest and purest wedding couple photography poses.

Pose N04: The Forehead Kiss - How sweet! If you are having trouble getting your clients to relax during their shoot together, here’s a great go-to pose for them... You could ask the Groom to wrap his arms around the Bride from behind and kiss her on the forehead from a side sort of angle. Or, you could have the Groom standing face on to the Bride, but ask the Bride to tilt her head down slightly and to close her eyes, so that the Groom can cup her face in his hands and kiss her forehead. This pose will give your couple pose all of the attention that it deserves!

Naturally these sorts of images will mostly be close-up facial photographs, but you can take some of these snaps at a distance away as well to capture the entire frame of the Bride and Groom carrying out their wedding couple photography poses. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on how to capture this pose, you can check out these examples of the forehead kiss pose on Google images.

There’s something about a forehead kiss, which is just so sweet, innocent, romantic, traditional and beautiful to capture on camera. Plus, it’s easy as pie to direct and the pose kind of becomes its own candid image as you begin shooting. Any couple can carry out this pose together so, we recommend trying it out whenever you can as one of your couple poses on the list.

Pose N05: Looking Back (At The Photographer) - Weddings are action packed so, we recommend trying out a less formal pose by capturing the action of the big day all in one photograph. Even though it’ll be a directed movement, it will look like candid natural happiness and freedom! Have you ever seen those Instagram-able travel photographs where a pretty girl holds out her hand to the camera and looks back in the same direction, even though she is walking onward? It’s almost like she is leading you through the photograph. Well, this is the same sort of concept, although it’s not a picture from and Instagram page, it’s going to be a picture of your Bride and Groom.  

It would make for a very sweet yet fun image if the Groom were to lead the Bride forwards (representing their journey as a couple together) as the Bride takes a quick peek back to photographer, smiling and having the best time of her life as she begins her NEW journey. Imagine other details in the image, such as the dress coming to life as it flows and shows its best angles.

There’s something very special about candid images as they give a sense of freedom on camera. You should try out these types of couple photography poses just to let the personality of your clients shine through your images.

We hope that this article has given you five unique and essential couple photography poses and further ideas of how to direct your clients on a photography shoot. So, the next time you’re stuck on a little direction when giving order for in front of the screen, you can refer back to this post for ideas. You may also want to check out this guide on how to take wedding photos: 'Professional Portrait Photography Tips'. We think there’s some super useful stuff in there!

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