Couple Photography Poses

Couple Photography Poses

Need some inspiration for posing the next Bride and Groom you shoot? Choosing a great pose can take an image from good to amazing. In this article, we will share five unique and essential wedding photography pose ideas for couples that will “wow” your clients... Are you ready to find out what poses we like the best?! Carry on reading to find out what couple photography poses we love the most!

Pose #1: Blind Folded By Her - As the tradition goes, don’t let the Groom see the Bride in her dress before the wedding! To make the shoot really fun and special, have the Bride cover the Groom’s eyes just before the big reveal. This is a great pose to begin the wedding shoot, so you can create a story from the subsequent shots throughout your couple photography poses.

Pose #2: The First Look - Make sure to capture the first look that the Groom has of the Bride in her wedding gown! If the couple agrees to it, you can get this shot in private before the ceremony begins.

Pose #3: The First Dance - A couple’s first dance is very important. Usually the couple’s first dance happens at the reception, but you can also have your couple practice their first dance during their photo shoot. This will make a perfect memory for their photo album throughout the couple photography poses.

Pose #4: The Forehead Kiss - If you are having trouble getting the couple to relax, here’s a great go-to pose for you. Ask the Groom to wrap his arms around the Bride from behind kiss her on the forehead. This pose will give her a glow and confidence that you will notice during the rest of the session.

Pose #5: Photo Frame - Another great prop is a photo frame. Have the couple hold the frame together, and capture multiple shots from different angles. You can also use windows or other structures in the vicinity as a frame for the photo.

We hope this article has given you five unique and essential couple photography poses and further ideas. So, the next time you’re stuck on a little direction when giving order for in front of the screen, you can refer back to this post for ideas. You may also want to check out this guide on how to take wedding photos: best wedding photography tips.

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