Children At A Wedding Part 2

Children At A Wedding Part 2

Carrying on from yesterday’s article, we’re going to be discussing how to photograph children at a wedding! If you haven’t read ‘Children At A Wedding Part 1’ you can read it here. So, let’s take off from where we left off shall we? That would be from tip N0.6 …

Children At A Wedding Tip #6: Sound Happy & Excited - A happy, excited higher-pitched tone of voice communicates not only that we’re safe… but also helps us get more smiles from our subjects! Children are very good at picking up on the tones around them, so if they feel like they’re in a safe place where they can have fun with the people around them, they’ll feel super comfortable around you and you’ll of made their day. Now, that’s a great day for everybody!

Children At A Wedding Tip #7: Introduce Yourself - We briefly touched on this top tip in the first instalment of this article and that’s because it’s an important one! As adults, we have enough life experiences that we can use context clues in order to figure out who people are without asking or being told, but it’s important to speak to children directly to help them feel like they’re involved in what you’re doing. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to feel important when something special and exciting is happening? If you go in there straight away and introduce yourself to the kids, they’re bound to take to you, just because you’ve shown an interest in them by making personal contact. This will help you along when capturing your photographs.

Think about it like this, when an adult sees a photographer holding a big fancy camera at a wedding, they don’t even have to think about it. Their brain automatically connects all the dots and they know what they have to do. For many kids, it’s not the same. They might not even know what a wedding is, much less anything else that happens at one; and, even if their parents tried to prep them ahead of time, it can still be overwhelming and overstimulating for them since there’s so much going on. Thus, your job is to break down any trust barriers that might exist by doing the work and making the effort to be social and personal.

Children At A Wedding Tip #8: Involve Women - In general, like dogs, little kids just trust women more than men. Guys, it’s not your fault. It’s just the way it is. If you have a female shooter on your team, we recommend that you ask them to connect with the children and make them feel happy and comfortable in their surroundings and with you the shooter. If you’re a man and don’t have a female shooter with you, be the best Disney princess you can be! Sorry, but it’s the best advice we’ve got for this one!

Children At A Wedding Tip #9: Have Your Priorities – One of the most important things to remember when something is unpredictable is to get the most essential priorities out of the way. So, this will be like a form of homework for you, but it’s down to you and you alone to prioritise your shot list (although you may want to actually ask your clients their thoughts on this too before you organise the priority shots). So, what shots can you absolutely not be without after the day is out? Think about it and then capture those images first. Then the rest of the time that you have with the kids is free style and I’m sure they’ll like that! Just go candid...

Children At A Wedding Tip #10: Get Their Parents Involved – Why not ask Mom to stand behind you, if the children will behave and smile for anyone it’s their mother! For really little ones who have trouble looking at the camera, we ask Mom or dad to stand right behind you with something that will get their attention. Preferably not their favourite toy though, because a dummy isn’t really ideal for the picture but they may cry if you don’t pass it over quickly to them, so stay clear of that! If something gets their attention, they may smile! Try bubbles for fun, but they could make for some really interesting shots as well, not just with the babies, but with the flower girls too!

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