Children At A Wedding Part 1

Children At A Wedding Part 1

Do you ever struggle getting little kids to smile and stand still for pictures? Maybe you’re just not sure how to talk to little ones at a portrait session or interact with them on a wedding day. If that’s you, we can help! This post will help you feel more comfortable and confident when you pose and photograph children at a wedding! Carry on reading to find out how to capture those tricky shots...

Photographing Children At A Wedding - Flower girls and ring bearers are two of the cutest parts of any wedding day, but depending on their age getting them to stand still and smile for a picture (even for just a few) can be challenging. So, it’s really important to remember a few things when you photograph children at a wedding. We’re going to share some of our top tips in order for you to get beautiful angelic images of children either involved in the wedding ceremony, or posing as guests of the wedding party itself.

Children At A Wedding Tip #1: Allow Yourself Enough Time – As cute and creative as they are, we all know that getting through a task with small children in tow inevitably lengthens the time that it would normally take to complete a task, which is why you should allow yourself enough time to capture what you need. With children, you have to expect the unexpected. For example, they may not be willing to comply at first, especially because they won’t know you (see below for our tips that will help the children take direction from you), or they may be having a moment where they don’t want to listen to anyone at all. So, we suggest that you read the following tips just in case this happens...

Children At A Wedding Tip #2: Have Help – Help is always the golden word when it comes to children. The older they are the more reliable they will be and you’ll find it easier to get what you need from them in terms of your images. But for the younger dots, it’s a really good idea to either ask a couple of the Moms or even the older children (if there are any) to keep the little ones in line. This will help you to capture what you need and move things along nicely. You may also be able to get a few candid shots of the helpers with the little helpers, which will make for some cute and unplanned images to add to the wedding album.

Children At A Wedding Tip #3: Meet Them In The Middle - Little kids spend most of their time staring at people’s knees and looking up their nose. How comfortable would you feel around someone if that was you? So, when we photograph kids for the first time, as soon as Mom or Dad introduces us to the kids, we stop what we’re doing, kneel down to their level to introduce ourselves, so they can see our face and look into our eyes.

Children At A Wedding Tip #4: Be Friendly – Being friendly and smiling around children is the best way to make them feel comfortable. When you smile, you should smile with your eyes too! This is just a basic way of saying make sure you appear friendly and approachable, but children notice and observe things very well, so the kinder you are the more they will thrive off of your personality, which will make them more likely to listen to you and take direction for the photographs.

Children At A Wedding Tip #5: Learn Their Names – Our last tip for part one of the article is to introduce yourself to the children and learn their names for the day. That way, when you need one of them to move in a certain way and look at the camera, they’ll feel like it’s a personal deal for them and after all, you’ll want them to have fond memories of that day, so, be a contributing factor and learn their names. This is a particularly handy tip for the slightly older children, as you’ll probably end up asking them for help if there are indeed smaller children to photograph as well. If you enjoyed this first part of our article make sure you stay tuned for part two which is coming really soon to Weddit!

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