Canted Angle Photography

Canted Angle Photography

What exactly is canted angle photography you may ask? (Click the link for examples via Google). The Dutch angle, also known as Dutch tilt, canted angle, or oblique angle, is a type of camera shot where the camera is set at an angle on its roll axis so that the shot is composed with vertical lines at an angle to the side of the frame, or so that the horizon line of the shot is not parallel with the bottom of the camera frame. This produces a viewpoint akin to tilting one's head to the side.

What Is A Canted Angle? - A Dutch tilt is a camera shot in which the camera angle is deliberately slanted to one side. This style of camera roll is often used in the filming industry and is less often used for wedding images, but if positioned correctly, could make for stunning images. So, there we go, it’s pretty simple really but that’s all canted angle photography really is. Simple, yet effective!

Using Canted Angle Photography (Wedding Photographers) - We were thinking more along the lines of capturing the Bride’s detailed shoes next to the Groom’s either at the altar or perhaps outside after the ceremony, or you could use it to capture young children playing in their wedding party attire after the service, or even as the Bride and Groom leave the wedding venue as newly-weds, you could capture an artistic moment where confetti is thrown into the air. You can really have some fun with this and capture some beautiful images. So, get creative and make a wedding album full to the brim with shots like this! This style of imagery is perfectly suited to the details lower down that the camera often glances over or often misses altogether just because it’s not at eye level. If you’re after unique wedding photographs, why not try out canted angle photography?

Albeit this would be pretty quirky no matter what’s in the shot, but as far as wedding photography goes, you can’t get much more modern or different than that. So, this would be an ideal angle to try if you’re trying to achieve unique wedding photography. Of course, it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea per say, but if your client is interested, why not suggest this form of photography for a handful of fun images to add to the wedding album? If you’re looking to create and capture unique wedding images for your clients, feel free to check out the article that we’ve linked above to read our ideas!

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