Camera Remote Control

Camera Remote Control

It’s no secret that being a photographer (amateur or professional) can be an expensive profession to cater for. Photographers want the latest and best equipment but can’t always afford it, so it’s important to be a little selective when you’re just starting out and the funds are fairly low. Being selective with the equipment that you choose to purchase is a wise move, as it’s better to spend a few dollars extra purchasing something of quality, rather having loads of stuff for the sake of quality. A lot of the gear that photographers spend their money on isn’t exactly essential and can easily be done inside the camera itself. So, in this post, we are going to compare a camera remote control against the delayed timer built into the camera. Which one is worth your while as a professional?

A camera remote control is something that you may have heard of, this is actually something that a lot of photographers think they need, especially if you’re into landscape photography, but hey this could be handy as a wedding photographer in specific situations. One of the main uses of a camera remote control is to minimise the vibration when taking a photo to get a sharper image result. What you may also know is that your camera has a delayed shutter function, typically between 2-10 seconds. So, when you think about it, do you really need to purchase a camera remote control when your camera already has a suitable feature that does the job? To help give you a better idea, we are going to look at some of the pros and cons of using a camera remote control and a delayed shutter which is already built into your camera.

Delayed Shutter - Most digital cameras have delayed shutter functions. In fact, even smartphones have it, so it’s pretty standard and not so much “state of the art”, but it’s still a pretty important and useful feature. A delayed shutter is, in simple words, a function that tells the camera to wait a few seconds after you push the shutter before it takes the picture. This allows you to either run in front of the camera and take a shot or reduce the amount of vibration.  

Pros of the Delayed Shutter: 

• It’s a standard function in most digital cameras and smartphones. 

• It’s free. 

• It reduces vibration and leads to a sharper image. 

• You can choose between a short delay or a longer delay. 

• You have the time to position yourself in the image after pressing the shutter.

Cons of the Delayed Shutter: 

• It’s not flexible. 

• If you’re photographing something with motion it’s hard to time the shutter release perfectly and you might miss the shot! 

• In some cameras, the function is found deep in the menu and can be tricky to locate.

Camera Remote Control – A camera remote can vary in form, shape, and price. Some are tiny and inexpensive, while others are larger, with more options but also a less attractive price tag and as a photographer starting out, no one wants a hefty price tag hanging over their head. Choosing the right camera remote control can be a hassle sometimes as you may not know your needs as a photographer. You may only need a simple one to avoid any motion when taking the image, or may need something more advanced that lets you do interval timing. Once your needs are established, you have to sort out if you want a cable release or wireless. I won’t get into the topic of which is better, but again you need to consider your needs for a camera remote control.

Pros of a Camera Remote Control: 

• Wireless remotes allow you to stand far away from the camera and take pictures. 

• Advanced models have many options such as interval timers.

 • You can use “Bulb Mode” without having to hold the camera’s release button and cause vibration. 

• Many models have LCD screens with a timer. 

• Take a picture at the exact moment you need.

Cons of a Camera Remote Control: 

• More advanced models can be very pricey. 

• It takes extra space in your bag.

 • It might be hard to choose the right model. 

• Cables break quickly on low-end cable releases. 

• Small, wireless remote shutters are easy to lose.

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