Buying A Good Camera

Buying A Good Camera

Buying a good camera is no easy task. With new cameras released almost every single week, it can be overwhelming to find the best option for your needs. So, the next time you’re in the market for a new camera, ask yourself the following questions and you won't have to ask yourself if you're buying a good camera, you'll already know that you are!

Question #1: What Are The Lens Options? - Wedding photographers tend to invest a fair amount of money into lenses for their camera as opposed to the camera body that they carry. So, if you’re looking at buying a good camera, one of the things that you're going to want to look into is the lens situation. Take a look at the available lenses and their corresponding prices. For example, lenses used on a Sony E mount lenses tend to be much more expensive than those found on Canon Cameras. Lenses are really handy for professional photographers to have in their arsenal. Between us, a lens in our opinion is what makes the shot! There are so many attachments out there in terms of lenses and their focal length, but knowing which type of lens does what and how you should be using them is really handy to know. That knowledge will make your images go from good to great, so why not check out our blog post "Wedding Lenses" to get a better idea on the subject.

Question #2: How Is It In Low Light? - Your camera’s ability to record and shoot well in low lit conditions is incredibly important as a wedding photographer, especially because there will be times at a wedding (either as the day goes on, or due to the venue itself) that the lighting won't be at its best. It's also important to realise that just because the camera is capable of producing an image in low light, this doesn’t mean that the video footage will be usable. If you’re going to buy a camera because of its low light capabilities, download test footage before you commit… don’t simply watch YouTube videos. YouTube and Vimeo highly compress their videos, so there might be a lot of grain in the low-light image that you can’t see in online test footage. A decent low-light camera can also open up a lot of possibilities for you in the lens department, as you might be able to get by with a kit lens if your camera is capable of getting great low-light images at higher f-stops. Basically, if your camera is ace without masses of light in the picture (metaphorically and physically), then you should actually find yourself saving money on lenses just because your camera and the lens that it comes with is already that good!

Question #3: Is It Practical For My Needs? - There’s a lot to be said about ease of use when it comes to cameras. If you’re shooting a wedding film (that's right, this isn't just about photography you know!) then there are some questions that you need to ask yourself before buying a good camera (or what you think is one).

1. Do I need an external recorder?

2. Does the camera have auto-focus?

3. How heavy is the camera?

4. How long do the batteries last?

Question #4: What Is the Audio Situation? - Most wedding photographers record audio separately from video when shooting a film of the ceremony. This is typically for quality and convenience sake. But any indie photographer who buys a camera that requires an off-camera mic to get great audio is instantly backing themselves into a corner and no one wants to be that guy!

Question #5: Can It Output Footage? - Having an external monitor on hand is vital. If you don’t have an external monitor set up, you could very well miss something that you couldn’t see on your small camera screen. Plus, having an external monitor will help you to visualise the finished shot when editing your images. Having a camera without being able to move the data around efficiently throughout your editing equipment is a nightmare and won't benefit your profession at all. Efficiency with data output is something that you need to consider when buying a good camera.

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