Bridal Photos

Bridal Photos

Here are weddit's top tips, on getting to know your Bride, building rapport, and using the best light and angles to get the best Bridal photos...

1.Build rapport

Spend some time with the bride ahead of the shoot to plan things out and get to know her. Getting great great bridal photos can depend a lot on the rapport between a photographer and the Bride, she will be nervous, and not used to having her picture taken. So do your best to communicate, give her ideas and tips, have fun and enjoy the process, which will make her more relaxed. Get to the location of the shoot early and scout out the different locations you can take the best bridal photos. Pay attention to the light, the surroundings and backdrops. It might be a good idea to have a backup location planned in case of rain or some other unforeseen issue (if re-scheduling isn’t possible). 

2. Take an active role in choosing the setting

The bride may have a location in mind for the portraits, and that can certainly simplify the planning of the shoot. However, if you know that the location isn’t going to work well (due to issues with lighting, weather, backdrops etc), it’s your responsibility to bring up any issues. You are the professional and to get the amazing bridal photos you envision, it's super important that you communicate any concerns you have. Take the time to discuss these issues, and figure out an alternative that will solve them, will make the shoot go more smoothly and result in better Bridal portraits. Windows are a great place to shoot the Bridal photo's. A mix of simple, elegant photographs and having a little fun too.

3. Shoot the details

When taking  Bridal photo's, it’s important to remember that you aren’t just getting photographs of the bride, but of all the details of her dress, shoes, and so on that she’ll be wearing the day of her wedding. Make sure you ask the bride about her favorite parts of her dress, or the rest of the items she’s wearing. This will give you an idea of all the details you should be sure to cover during the shoot.

4. Shoot with an assistant

With dresses that are long or have large trains, taking bridal photo's can be complicated by things as simple as needing the bride to move to another area for a shot. Bringing an assistant will give you another set of hands to help with the dress, carry the bouquet, or make sure things like the bride’s veil are in place before each shot. Or of course to back you up in case anything goes wrong.

5. The wedding dress

Every wedding is different, dresses are fluctuated, clients are new and settings are changed from wedding to wedding. So each time you photograph the wedding dress you will usually have a new location to work with and not much time to find the best spot. try to arrive early, giving yourself a little time to get the right spot. I like to try a few locations, and then pick the best during editing.

6. Bridal photo's – Get Creative

With the bridal photo's, don't be afraid to mix in some creative ideas. I like to balance my creative shots of the Bride with simple and classic photographs. So I basically spend a little time being creative. Try shooting through a window, the reflection of the window will stop you seeing the bride through the window, but if you use an object, your arm or anything at all, it will break the reflection of the glass, allowing you to see the Bride. 

Bonus tip : the white sheet

Some brides can grow very concerned about damaging the dress or getting it dirty at a shoot that will take place before their wedding day. If the bride has an especially long dress or a long train, a good trick for handling these issues during the bridal pictures is to bring a white sheet with you that the bride can stand on. Lay out the sheet, pose the bride, then tuck the sheet under the edges of the dress. Most times, any part of the sheet that shows will be undetectable as it will blend-in with the fabric of the dress

Wedding photo editing service

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Photo + editing credit: All images in this blog post edited by the team here at Weddit and photographed by Lukas Griffin. 

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